Elfchen Poetry with Lies

© Sankalp Singh
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Do you feel unsatisfied when you go to bed?

Help me to hold my thoughts,
These silent stares at the wall
Quiver my thoughts,

Help me to contain this feeling,
So that I don't go to bed with a void inside my heart.

Teach me how to be patient,
Teach me how to shove this emotion off

I have been trying to live a life to its content.
Why does this hollow grow alas?

Do you feel this want,
To do something more on this day?

Teach me how you satisfy your heart
For me, I leave what's left of this day and me
To my dreamy thoughts.
Wake me up when I am satisfied,
As It's just the dreams where I don't hide.
[ We have this feeling inside our heart where we tend to expect some return from a day. We often don't know about the limits and actuality to our desire and wants. And we end up expecting more from a day in return which we are not able to fulfil.
We end up feeling bad about this loss as if there was something which we wanted to attain this very day and we were unable to and we end up feeling bad about it. We go to bed…

Silent Farewell Sucks, Isn’t it?

If promises were just mean to be broken,
Why you have been waiting for so long to
torment this heart?
To give up on this story which we started long back.
You were free to do that before, Isn't it?
Or maybe you wanted to check.
How much this heart can endure. 
Isn't it true?
We get attracted towards someone and end up doing all kind of promises just to win him/her over and fall in love with us. While we ourself don't really know the depth we can go to keep our words.

It hurts when you can't reason a person before dumping. You got issues, That's fine. In that case, you at least got something to hold against the partner. A grudge, a sense of hate that things were not rolling over the way it was expected.

But what about when one morning you just wake up after having a beautiful conversation with your partner and you realize that's the last conversation which you had. There are no more message on your phone, no social notification and you are in no way able to contact the p…

Say that you love her (Crush Story | Friendship)

Muster up some courage
Say that you love her
She said out of excitement
When I told her about the
girl I had a crush on.
“I was just hoping to save this friendship, to run an extra mile by not disclosing that I had fallen in love with her.”
I smiled!
Maybe I should.
I spoke in a low voice. I had a difficult time making my teenage self-understand that you have to say that to her. There is always a choice in saying and committing that you have fallen in love with her or just deciding to be friend zoned forever. The friend zone part which was self-implicated upon me by myself because of the fear of losing someone dear from life.
There was a battle inside my brain, a tug of war. Most of the time my fear won over what my heart used to say.
But finally, I mustered up the courage to say that to her. It was beautiful. My heart felt light as if it was something which I wanted to say for so long.
And Finally, I did. ( Dedicated to all the people out there who are still gathering the courage to commit the…

How to avoid Instagram Shadow Ban?

How to avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram? So you started using Instagram as a social medium to promote your business and found that the #hashtags which you were using before are not working right now. You are experiencing less engagement on your post than before.
Guess what? Instagram has come up with a new logic which shuts users accounts to surface if they continuously use the same hashtags over and over again. You will not receive any update from Instagram stating that your account is shadowbanned. You can just infer by taking a look at the engagement level on your post and the way it gets degraded.

You can follow 4 steps to avoid getting shadowbannedAvoid using automated app which is actually not legal to use.Don't use the same hashtag over and over. For a Business account, check the insight and see that whether you are getting any user from hashtags. If you notice that you are not getting any visitor you might want to reconsider changing the hashtags.Don't use any …

Set me free from these Shackles ( Erotica Poetry | Romantic Poetry )

Set me free,
From these shackles which are wielding me down
Make me feel home again.
While I sit on top of you
Holding onto your chest
Strip me off from this burdens
Which weighs me down
Drench me in your love
Burn me down from within
For its mere body at the display.
Tread your hands over me
To the extent you can.
Calm me down so that
I am worn out to my last breathe.
Let's make love in a way that 
It turns people jealous in bed.
- Sankalp Singh

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SADNESS - Emotions Ruling your Mind

I have been caged in my memory bed
I tried to quiver this feeling of restlessness
But I failed miserably.

I tried to fight back but the more I tried the more I drowned in this state of being numb.

I wonder if it's coming back to take hold on me.


For once I wish to feel this state of being numb. I don't have any answer for "Why" and "how" I am planning to pull myself out of this. It's just this thought which is lingering around me asking me to throw myself into this feeling till indefinite time.

All I can do is "STAY STRONG" and battle through it.

 "Tried to depict one state when you are sad and you don't know the reason for it. It's just that you are feeling low and unable to handle yourself. Stay strong because these days are meant to pass."

© 2018, copyright Sankalp Singh