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We have curated our travel blog experience for low to medium budget travellers. We do not have any backpacking option but you will get some awesome tricks and tips to explore regions from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. There's also a reading section on this website, Try checking out my huge range of poetry, articles and blogs.

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Hello, I am Sankalp Singh from India. I work in IT Company 9 - 5 for livelihood and I like writing and doing all sort of creative stuff in my spare time. I am an Otaku and I love watching Anime like anything. I can watch my favourite anime for n number of times. Which makes me the ideal parent for the future. (Dad loves to watch a cartoon you see :P). I have been writing since 2010, Moreover, I started learning about writing in December 2010. After that, there was no turning back. I plan to become a published writer and I hope you will love to read the story which I want to tell. I have already completed my first Manuscript "Lost Pages of Love" in case you want to read the first two chapters of that feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to read your honest feedback. Let's see how my plan is going to turn out. So that was all which came to my mind. If you want to know more about me, feel free to drop specific questions in the contact me section.

I make travel videos

I let my video speak about what I see when I travel

Software Engineer

At 9 am everyday, I am found at my office desk

Author and Poet

Author of my first unpublished book and many poems


I designed few T-shirts. You will find something of your choice


Capturing moments since I first received my own camera phone and transforming it into amazing shots


Always looking for opportunities to chase my dreams, thoughts and whereabouts


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We love hearing from our visitors who reads our blogs. Check out some latest blogs and share your reviews? I am also looking for someone who can read the first two chapters of my first book " Lost Pages of Love" and give me some genuine reviews.

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Sankalp Singh

Sankalp Singh

Writer | Creator | Artist

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Writer | Creator | Artist

She is the soul and motivation of everything what he creates.