08 May 2011

Poetry for Mothers Day Card

                                                      EVERy time when i did fall
you brought me up.......

wiped it with cute smile,for
which i was in LOVE!!.....

Yea i love you and wanna be 
right beneath your blessings
May my wish would alway's be 
fruited with a win of my heart!!

You hold me tight in every 
fights..you just make me what m
I with all your efforts...Yea I
love you and wanna be right
                                                           beneath your love........!!!

                                                    I watched up,I watched down
                                                        I surfed overall to heal my heart
                                                       Found nothing as loving as your
                                                       hugs...and rest in your lap with
                                                         your love............!!!

                                                     I found it as magic which u always
                                                  pour in my hand woth every care
                                                   and touch...i just love to feel that 
                                                 care when run your hand over my head!!
                                                       found it most effective to heal up
                                                                  with all my cuts!!.............

                                                  Yea i love you MOM,would never make
                                               u cry/..it wud be a clear HURT...
                                               yea i know u wud never say..wud just
                                                  find a corner of heart...to think and tear
                                               on your part...with bloods!!

                                            Yea i know..i know that too....i wont ever hurt
                                          as all i need is you with me with care of
                                               you the same you in my arms in every BIRTH!!...



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