Showing posts from June, 2011's a new start...with an inncoent heart !!

Sometimes I look at sky and see those stars And wish that if this way my life got twinkle I would run out to some other world!!
Sometimes when I be in front of kids I feel That if I would run back to that time I would Be more happier with this innocent gleam with All my wish again being fulfilled not by me but By all near to….near to just check always what I need!!
Sometimes this heart feels that he would Skip a beat so that he could skip the worst Pain by those beat’s,,,,so as it he wont tear The way like he always did!!....without any skip :’(
Sometimes its me with the same wish that if It wasn’t like this let it be the way it was before This heart has been melted with all his guts to feel Or apart to again heal!!.....
Sometimes this tears too think that what if They wasn’t there how could my eyes express that They are In could my heart speak those Silent hurting which they just speak through this How could I bee normal again if it wasn’t to flood ma Pain with this (tears)
Sometimes this questio…