07 June 2011

.........it's a new start...with an inncoent heart !!

Sometimes I look at sky and see those stars
And wish that if this way my life got twinkle
I would run out to some other world!!

Sometimes when I be in front of kids I feel
That if I would run back to that time I would
Be more happier with this innocent gleam with
All my wish again being fulfilled not by me but
By all near to….near to just check always what
I need!!

Sometimes this heart feels that he would
Skip a beat so that he could skip the worst
Pain by those beat’s,,,,so as it he wont tear
The way like he always did!!....without any skip :’(

Sometimes its me with the same wish that if
It wasn’t like this let it be the way it was before
This heart has been melted with all his guts to feel
Or apart to again heal!!.....

Sometimes this tears too think that what if
They wasn’t there how could my eyes express that
They are In pain..how could my heart speak those
Silent hurting which they just speak through this
How could I bee normal again if it wasn’t to flood ma
Pain with this (tears)

Sometimes this questions always encircle me up
That’s what’s the end off all this…is it me or just
This worlds espiration!!..!!

Sometimes this core enervates that if this thing
Wont end than it would be having any place else with
Scars to heal!!...and someday it will just  burst up with
All things with all ache…and then it would find anything
That useful to get back to its soul form rather to
To get a FRESH start after this!....

And every time after this........I feel it has been much
That I have coped up with this…now it’s the need to
Have fresh start…..with skipping couple of BEATS
In the new clothes much smaller one…in some ones
Arms in shower of some ones love……………..
again to….live the fresh innocent life..of KIDS!!


  1. its beautiful as olways .. u write...

  2. hmm well i am stii wondering that whats!! the name of the one!! who has commented on this!! lol!! but yea indeed thanks!! for the sweetest reply whichh u can give!!


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.