I was left...INComplete with my words :))

I fall down on my knees,
To start with my plee,
Flickr through all the words to form a gentle plee...

Inocently drawing some love books to get some
touching words,
To melt you down with feel that i really love ♥

the moment i spoke that you were my first crush,....
my heartbeat started knocking me down with jerk,

A sweet proposal...and u denied on ur part... 
Tears slipped down my cheeks and i wept hard...

That day dream got melt with tears of heart...i holding
you hands for proposing you...got dumb from my

With the dream that i will loose you..if i do this
part....something were left unsaid...and tears continued with heart...

Holding your hands i spoke that you look beautifull
everyday...and things ended with just that...and i
amm still on my way... With my silent love...and care mocking me every


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