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something for which i feel sorry!!!

something which i dont know about a girls heart!!

life....goes on & on
who care's at which stage of life you fall in love, and what you exactly felt before
when you thought about loving someone.
i don't exactly even care what i felt?
"because it was never that i was that interested in these stuffs of life" most common dialogue all throughout which you will hear from every next Girl to you.

it's been a long time when girls always use to be confused with such sort of things like,
:-being in relationship,
:-carrying on a friendship in exactly opposite way
:-being confused with the thought of best friendship & being a Girlfriend.
:-and alas much and all the time correct option "of forgetting some BASTARD who spoiled even the taste of friendship and the love within the hearts <3 "

and that's much observed state of life which i have came accross all the time when i use to see some couple's being together enjoying their life.....

some or other day

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