28 July 2012

something for which i feel sorry!!!

something which i dont know about a girls heart!!

life....goes on & on

who care's at which stage of life you fall in love, and what you exactly felt before
when you thought about loving someone.
i don't exactly even care what i felt?
"because it was never that i was that interested in these stuffs of life" most common dialogue all throughout which you will hear from every next Girl to you.

it's been a long time when girls always use to be confused with such sort of things like,

:-being in relationship,
:-carrying on a friendship in exactly opposite way
:-being confused with the thought of best friendship & being a Girlfriend.
:-and alas much and all the time correct option "of forgetting some BASTARD who spoiled even the taste of friendship and the love within the hearts <3 "

and that's much observed state of life which i have came accross all the time when i use to see some couple's being together enjoying their life.....

some or other day

the same use to fight for small things and soon the dialogue's from 

"you are best in understanding me" changes to "why don't you understand me?"
"what i will do without you" changes to " why i am there with you?"

yeah indeed the dialogues from appraisal changes to the dialogues ending with questions filled with irony,

it's no time that a old relationship ends..because the girls denied from coming accross the barriers for boys, that even worst that a guy drags someone for that only to have the taste of s*x in a relationship.

              and its much worst that its happening so common throughout the nation these days,
there are thousand's of such hearts with full of scars because there boyfriend left them when they denied to come closer or they left that girl after coming closer.
It's time when these kind of break ups are getting common throughout...and people after that blames them

"that the girl ditched me, she has a relationship with other guy"

even that guy only knows that 'how much truth did he spoked in the above line's'

but these are not the things which trouble me alas !!

i used to think that in the way i use to HATE such thing which happens around 
and in the way i hate those BASTARD which use to do like this,

why i girl who has been in relationship can't understand all this before she has suffered from break up or certainly (from loosing there virginity or crossing their limits).

its never that clear to me that what their hearts thinks at that moment,

means for guy who wishes to have s*x more then with love........better to move on and start a fresh life..rather then scratching and wasting your love on the one who never ever DESERVE that.

if a lady will start thinking in this way, from being a emotional fool then i bet there will be the soul linked in a relationship rather then the physical charm."

life gives time to taste all the stuff's its never that we can get anything before the desired time......

its never easy for me to write these stuffs without any experience 

i feel sorry when i came in contact with people who were suffering and who suffered from such things in their life....and i even feel that i wasn't there to help them,

how about being a change to the thing for which you can be........

it never takes time for the people to hate the one who is playing with you....

and everyone in relationship wants to be there together with heart's all linked and beating for each other sake's not till the time they can......but till the time they exist!!!




Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.