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in love/.....the way we stare her!!

when love strikes to that side which touch you the most!! :)

as all cases of love starts from the side;s of classes to the corners of road!!...the way we bunk our college 
for having the sigh of her...

it starts from a period to whole day and then hanging out in afternoon to evening's and then ending of even whole day!!
its time when we never use to be that frank with the night outs and its today when we wish for that only so that it may be any #pub or some #disk with your partners in arms moving her hips and legs on a salsa roll! or may be DISCO khisko............

may be few shots of vodka and she in your arms.....may be her loving wet LIPS...embezzel your just KISS!!!...

mostly common with couple around 
vodka shots
again kissing!! :)

love is rather even a bad idea, or a idea which gives you all the things with body luck!! and exactly LOVE!!

so its about college!! :)

morning starts with the same thought!!
sucking college time and then a frea…

"the journey from being single to "mingle" then a "Saver" and then exactly a "love theif"

every story of love starts with glare's,few moments of blushes may be at her's side or his ;
and then for sure "most of the time in his/her thoughts"  while sleeping with dreams, or being awake with his/her sigh in eye or sounds there to guide don;t do this or that!! :)
so its love when you start adding penny!!
for either gifting the best you can or start saving so that you could plan the next with your meet!!
"the journey from being single to "mingle" then a "Saver" and then exactly a "love theif"
exactly same with all hearts and so was with one closer to mine too!! i loved the way he initiated on that day when we were chuckling up with our daily stuff on the terrace with coffee mug in our hands and thinking and speaking the way we lead or sincere hand's and was about to bid farewell to the life #school  alas!! yeah!! a common one with all you guys/girls when you fall in love "you friends be the best to share & speak in your co…