09 August 2012

in love/.....the way we stare her!!

when love strikes to that side which touch you the most!! :)

as all cases of love starts from the side;s of classes to the corners of road!!...the way we bunk our college 
for having the sigh of her...

it starts from a period to whole day and then hanging out in afternoon to evening's and then ending of even whole day!!
its time when we never use to be that frank with the night outs and its today when we wish for that only so that it may be any #pub or some #disk with your partners in arms moving her hips and legs on a salsa roll! or may be DISCO khisko............

may be few shots of vodka and she in your arms.....may be her loving wet LIPS...embezzel your feel...to just KISS!!!...

mostly common with couple around 
vodka shots
again kissing!! :)

love is rather even a bad idea, or a idea which gives you all the things with body luck!! and exactly LOVE!!

so its about college!! :)

morning starts with the same thought!!
sucking college time and then a freaky thought of being awake and then......
some daily stuff!.......

but one thing which always use to appeal me at end!!
that girl in the pink socks!! :) and black foot wears with the matching pink bands and hairs curled!!
a deep glow over face,and loving black eyes in which the wish starts to emerge or get soaked eyes.

a very genuine and common fact with everyone here in.....always there with some choice or one whom we tag that dude 'she is mine'
no stares no glares............
its just that i will alone have the look and glare!......

and when the story of hearts gets rolled from the corners of road to classroom we don;t even know what the heck the professor use to shout up in classes and leave...as its just always use to be the same we "with our same stared for that girl" next to our seat!! or next to our heart!!

then what???

love story starts dwelling up and covers the another FRESH CHAPTER of college life!!

heart vs heart
and then emotions in emotions with some 
bouncing and extra hitting shots of dialogues to win her with words with proposals 


the next X fame chapter
 many discussion over this that how??
by which way?
#paper #facebook #twitter #phonecall # sms

many options but the thing which use to lack is always use to be #GUTS!!
 and when this chapter ends then the scene use to change entirely opposite to the way it use to be!!

then no such outing with friends......because 
questions use to be who is your friend......(as love fills all the spaces of life)

then it use to be not the center table of the #canteen 
because then it use to be one corner of the canteen with him/her hiding in his/her arms sniffing his/her work  .
then it use to single plate with single spoon with care and affection and then with no doubts you have much with money!!!

life changes from the Library center table filled with friends to a someone sitting opposite to your table and then (ghanta padhai hoti hai)
..........................and once in commitment then even the lanes and the corners use to be with him....concentrating in his/her talks and then....when looking to some off your friends then thinking what to say??
say hi?? and if he/she don't like  (vagera vagera)
life changes its taste from a free to commited

love romance fun around and the people who don't use to be in such enjoy the first stagE! :))

corners of road....classes.............

and the same GLARES!! :) ;) 



  1. nice work..something quite natural...and i bet this game of glare and glare is most common with all of us..:)

  2. yeah exactly it use to be very common al around the world!!


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.