22 September 2012

The time where dependency is all what you cheer for.........

The time where dependency is all what you cheer for.........

Here am I again with next round of hitting words, not there to blow up some other couple of words indulging the heart broken tales or some romantic aura.
                                   But certainly I am here this time with the thing that how people over here in our country run there life...being dependent on other...while doing any of the stuff!.

It's not a decision from sitting idle on my couch on this weekends, when clock pinged me up and I woke cursing that my made didn't show up today and I have to arrange my breakfast on my own. And even not from the ages that I planning to watch next round of movie which got released this week.
                                                            It just a mere collection of thoughts which got poured some how from the matter of time deep inside the core, making me to think about life, about people, and about the way they lead there life.

one shot and they are dead  

Life a gift from your creator whether you believe or not, but yeah from somewhere we came. To live and then the end lies not in our hands but there in the hands of GOD.
                         Its much often that you will see around the lanes in INDIA when people show up there hands and cross the lane without even checking. That's what's around them is approaching.

Risking life in hands of other that's much often seen things over here on streets in our country.
Youngster damn interesting in racing bikes and showing up there ass and moving further risking again there life in the hands of mob approaching from behind.

you childhood streaks

scratch up your childhood streaks and you will find the way you use to leave your some steps to be taken by the help of others, when ask for the answer there in the mid session of the examination's with true false or either blanks.

or even here in college when you spend times thinking dude I am gonna prepare this chapter and better you be prepared with your part. That's the taste of life over here in INDIA.

what you feel if I ask this summonly to you, that whether you do or not ?

you hide what you are from present adding the venom for the life approaching ahead for you. That's what we usually get the pravachan's on from our parents/guardians around.

so what our future demand from us is to be there standing on our own feet and fighting for what we need. Rather then waiting for some one else to hand it there in your hand. 

as you will die thirsty in this fast pacing world if you are waiting that someone else will hand you a glass of water specially for you.!!