06 October 2012

a perplexed thought...and even wishes in thread!!

and even wishes in thread

Its often the same wish of crowd ,
 insanity a hit on moral belief & quite illusion of pain 
with something as the deep reason of life 
there when you lie idle without any stuff to be engaged in .

A mere satisfaction is needed 
of watching even the reflection of mine
 there with plural form not singular.

Taking each moment a joke 
would satisfy up to just some extent 
but some or other day you will surely get a bang on your heart with the word lonely.

Thinking about this would 
surely make you think about the girl
 with whom you are in relationships 
is also waiting for you ,
 but then you find no reason as the perplex to this thought.

May be the cause is for just what you see is somewhere around you fascinate more.

Life wish for & with a wish for just one thought that "we need not that one close to us who are there because of other member of group...you find someone best is -one who is there because of you-

insanity blow and effect in the same way as wind touches and mock your soul.

:) (smile as the end to this)

i wish i could some day hold my wishes in the way
i will be happy with what there in my arms.