24 January 2013

Daily uplift in thought's about your LIFE

Life always use to be with ups and downs,
some which uplifts you providing you some
benefit, while some which are efficient enough
to hurt you and make you fall in any of the next pit.

And its much obvious for oneself, 
that they will surely see to these things
not today , then maybe a year later.
But no one is saved from the teenage struck.

If not from scars of heart then hits on mind.
As if this are written in your destiny if you are
superstitious, or as if you are getting screwed if you
belong to this young generations.

But these all are just a kind of happenings
which you use to carry from all time as
your memories....GooD as WELL as BAD.
which makes you quite experienced to
understand the other one....or to help the
people LOVING to you so that they don't get trapped in
the same situation.

But as soon as the word LOVING come, the cycle roll
to the side of expectation where
a parents have some from son,
where son has some from his life.
where friendship comes with the tag of expectation
or LOVE is totally defined on that itself.

And the day you lack in this,
its just the moment when you actually
start tracing back your step, of the all the
way you gained in some one's life.

that's natural and human instinct to deal
this LIFE.
and so with majority....

but what you finally feel when someone exactly
same as you , portray your own nature in him
at some extent.

stunned ???

that life gave you your own mirror,
or amazed that it still some with such even

its really a mystery to solve the way life rolls
on your side, neither predictable by any for teller
nor fulfilled by any superstition.
Its totally depended on the 

way you opt to choose the path of life...

"by being alone with the thing, that you will
be happy walking alone"


"by trapping your minds in the things that 
its good to think positive to be always positive"

Mysteries of LIFE.

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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