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When she is broken....with her Heart.

Image often the game in between
trust & mistrust....
its just sometimes we cope up with it
or sometimes we get thrashed hard by it.

its always such time's when we exactly miss that thing from our life which we call it as the best or that which we care the most...............
But there are often some state, when you exactly feel like, it would have been much better, if you would have been alone.....
in the name of those days... when you felt just love in the breezes when you care was  as much as you  for your own..
its certainly some time when... the reason of living becomes hoax and you carry for something which is...... there as the conclusion of what happened with you in the interval of getting the best which you had (you love) and loosing the best which you had                 .                     
(there have been uncountable cases of suicide  commitment  once a girl suffer from heartbreak  and the reason always use to be guys.....might be with the cases of *dropping do…

the dagger of my heart

the dagger of my heart,

hahaha indeed many things are carried on beyond the side of lust, and in a way you are apprehended for long while,for the thing you!
From the regions of your heartless core, or for the reasons of your stoned, decisions. its always a tug'o'war of your future with love.
and certainly her smile wins over yours. the spell when you finally feel that it wasn't lust carrying you, it was somewhere the linking of core.
Its sometimes the urge of moving up from the scars of past, or sometimes its even worst to live truly with the moments of past.
when breezes where that loving which always melt in the way you wished to be in your arms.
every time I fall back with reasons, only me to be blamed for with some sorta demon wishes of hurting the one who care or with hurting myself to my limit
in a way to prepare.......
i still feel her presence in way, i am near some heart, i hold down in a way, to bear alone that curse.
i tried to look back to the time …

that letter is still with me (PRopose day special)

From the time of love to the era of being brutal.
its our heart(teenage) which suffers with love to the infatuation of soul and linking of chords. May be she is the other one who is not written in destiny but you need not to fall.
to those time of cheers, when love was all clear fascinating the romance to be in without any fear.
i slowly melt down with the tears touching the half burnt letter which was left ungifted by me, with the ROSES dried in in the way crushing my DREAM.
with those charms of word... "that you are now my world" i  love the way you be and i wish to get that to feel, with blossom's and droplets of dew's of love. this is the spell when i really was lost in my fantasies world.
i gently swipe my tears  to hide that beautiful game. but who knows that someday i wished to have you there in arms getting wet in RAIN.

(to all the love tweaks enjoy propose day and propose you loving one, don't miss the chance)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

Dried Heart (especially for roSE Day)

Its pointless to hide those tears of my eyes. I slowly feel the pain, of dreaded past and the scene run through my sigh. and so my heart
vulnerable at situations

when i finally scribble for my past,
that at what instant i was left,
with what reasons to blame or to feel
that its just another notch for learning to live

or another notch to live and learn
how to deal with pain alas.

it was in this way i stated for something which i wanted her to read,  to explain the things which i missed , or wasn't able to speak.
in the name of that time "when my reason was only she to persist".
still that first rose is burried  in memories of past, to somewhere printing its love....on the pages touching throughout. as here was the only destiny of love. with the dried petals showing the pain of loosing her. or with the marks on page portraying those endless scars on heart <3
in the name of that time...when i was searching the reason
for existence was to start a new life
or 2 be in the …