06 February 2013

Dried Heart (especially for roSE Day)

Its pointless to hide those tears of my eyes.
I slowly feel the pain, of dreaded past and the
scene run through my sigh.
and so my heart
vulnerable at situations

when i finally scribble for my past,
that at what instant i was left,
with what reasons to blame or to feel
that its just another notch for learning to live

or another notch to live and learn
how to deal with pain alas.

it was in this way i stated for something which i wanted her to read, 
to explain the things which i missed , or wasn't able to speak.

in the name of that time "when my reason was only she to persist".

still that first rose is burried  in memories of past,
to somewhere printing its love....on the pages touching throughout.
as here was the only destiny
of love.
with the dried petals
showing the pain of loosing her.
or with the marks on page
portraying those endless scars on heart <3

in the name of that time...when i was searching the reason

for existence was to start a new life

or 2 be in the memories of past.

Cursing for the situations that 

if i would have tried in
the way ...more efficient
to touch her atlast.

Happy ROSE day (dont miss the chance like above)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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