15 February 2013

the dagger of my heart

the dagger of my heart,

indeed many things are carried
on beyond the side of lust,
and in a way you are apprehended for
long while,for the thing you call......love!

From the regions of your heartless core,
or for the reasons of your stoned, decisions.
its always a tug'o'war
of your future with love.

and certainly her smile wins over yours.
the spell when you finally feel
that it wasn't lust carrying you,
it was somewhere the linking of core.

Its sometimes the urge of moving up from
the scars of past,
or sometimes its even worst
to live truly with the moments of past.

when breezes where that loving
which always melt in the way you wished
to be in your arms.

every time I fall
back with reasons, only me to be blamed for
with some sorta demon wishes of hurting the one who care
or with hurting myself to my limit

in a way to prepare.......

i still feel her presence in way,
i am near some heart,
i hold down in a way,
to bear alone that curse.

i tried to look back to the time
i found me all alone,
i slowly melt in my own arms,
watching my reflection,
cursing to the norms,

trying to sooth in a way, that i really
look weird with different face,
but tears keep on running
as the dagger pierce in my heart. </3

(when loving someone becomes a barrier for moving on)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Replies
    1. ahaan thanks dear...i am in love with the things when people comment over here....

  2. Indeed a fascinatn reading it..
    U casted a spell on me agn buddy :)
    Sheer pleasure to go thru every line of urs

    1. i am glad that its touching and mocking you down in this way @Rohit
      indeed i am happy with your valuable suggestion which you once have given me regarding this comment box....
      and i hope that things are not the same as past....
      because atlast...its a fine start of commenting lol


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