17 February 2013

When she is broken....with her Heart.

Life....is often the game in between
trust & mistrust....
its just sometimes we cope up with it
or sometimes we get thrashed hard by it.

its always such time's when we exactly
miss that thing from our life
which we call it as the best
or that which we care
the most...............

But there are often some state,
when you exactly feel like,
it would have been much better,
if you would have been alone.....

in the name of those days...
when you felt just love in the breezes
when you care was  as much as you 
for your own..

its certainly some time when...
the reason of living becomes hoax
and you carry for something which is......
there as the conclusion of what happened
with you in the interval of getting the best
which you had (you love) and loosing the
best which you had                 .                     

(there have been uncountable cases of suicide  commitment  once a girl suffer from heartbreak  and the reason always use to be guys.....might be with the cases of *dropping down the relationship after having s*x
*or getting infatuated to some other heart in mean time)

but what use to be the state of a girls heart....a write up from girls side inscripting the time when we she was dumped after S*X

"i flickered my feel
with a lot of love within me
I denied that i won't join you in this plee
the reason of loving can't be my type

you gave me the assurance that 
you will be by my side.

i still feel the same whenever
i fall by,
i cry for the assurance which 
you gave me some time...

these reason of loving and the relationship
which you call
its a pain at my end..which is tough to recall.

i still die every moment 
to feel that time...when you holded me that tight
and melted me in your arms..
it's now this time....
when i hate myself
for the things.....
that i was ever with you at any spell

Reasons were never untold on my side
i kept waiting,
i kept weeping for the things which you did..
its the time when i finally found that
its not needed to persist.

maybe that not which i kept
by my side
may be...its not the end suited at this time.

but who knows this state..
when i get pierced daily on my heart.
when people knock me with the things
that he left.....you...after using.

these tag's are endless
this society is a pain....
and endless blames leave me unstain.
i cry for the moments
that i lived something wrong

relationship isn't to deal with s*x
its somewhere sometimes knocks you at back."

(to consider the society norms...is sometimes helpful to let you save yourself from being shattered like this)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Very nicely written , its an obvious truth of what's happening these days in our society .

  2. very well said...u hav smethng unique in u dat u write d feelings of others widout even knowing dem....n in diz context ma opn is love is nt expresed by having physcl relationship it is beyond dat...so guys plzzz love truly....<3<3...

    1. Hey dear thanks for your comment i am glad that i am able to link heart of the one who is reading this :)


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.