12 March 2013

Another round of passionate love

Another round of passionate love,
I always share with deep concern in
my heart.
But there is always some concern,
Some kinda trouble there in my feel.

that whether i will be able to adjust with the social norms OR NOT?.

Its always excitement and heart tingled with memories in sharing the sweetest cake of Life,
Yeah loving someone is something like that only.

But the only thing which trouble's me in the end is,
that there are just handful of relationship ,
which get shaped in the way it deserve.

while there are uncountable which suffer from loss
and pain.

what you exactly feel about this?

Its obvious that these days , in 20th century, when you will stand still
and turn your eyes around the surrounding you will find most of the hand.
Tingled with their certain someone "whom they love" and "with whom they share all their feelings of heart".

Some are even there in the way that they use to be totally dependent on the other heart <3.

But what if "someday won't be your day, Or someday you will exactly fail to take the initiative of putting on to the efforts for getting that hands which you once holded, and shared your intimate feel.

I am not there against of any feel , neither am I someone who don't believe in the pure feelings which you called LOVE.

I am just a puppet of time who use to drown , if time thrash him hard in water and who use to fly if the time crown's him with fame.

in either way i am just the one who is dependent on TIME.

<<which never use to be the same>>

in either way, this post is just to make you feel in this way that guys & girl enjoy what you feel or what you have there in your life.

But with the thing that never take it for granted, as it tough to bear the pain of loosing someone without knowing , rather than being known with the fact that it can happen.

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. well said!!! if we r prepared earlier for d worst dn d felling of getting hurt will be less...<3<3

  2. i actually marked this statement much before only when we shared some talks, its in the same way like a small story of fall "in which the descedent was knowing about what his end would be, so he remained silent and enjoyed every moments with his TaUNTS to let the other one feel hurted and obsessed, so that the one can forget him"


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.