13 March 2013

The case of a bleeding heart

Winners never win, its sympathy which gives a taste of winning.

(the feeling which melted down in my eyes in the form of tears, when i got the finalized report of the efforts with the tag "what exactly it was?"

Its hard, but its true...
:) may be at some extent,
i am the one standing in crowd.
to give the sincere views on something.

but on the other part, i can also
put myself in the shoes of others to
know what exactly others would be
feeling about it.

i am not a writer by profession to put
my words in the form to appeal your heart
but, indeed i am a writer by time
who feels something which is
happening somewhere around or 
with someones heart........

Whats exactly the state of a heart who just get pinched after trying hard for winning something and getting in turn some reviews which are just the conclusion of all the efforts.

i am still with the
words which are echoing there in my heart.
With some feel of Uselessness
knocking me at part.

when somewhere i tried much,
but failed to get the fame,
when we showed up , what we had
and we got the wrong name.

Its just a word if you read,
but if you gonna feel, its a mere pain.

i slowly melted down with tears,
with a lots of reasons on my part.
when someone missed to acknowledge the
fine work of art.

Its a mob with his comments,
but its just us with a bleeding heart.

when winning never crowned us with WINNING FEEL

but sympathizing is needed to overcome from this part.

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. winners never say anything for dere justification....but losers always bark on dem...so be enough for urself...;)

  2. Yeah certainly that's what is needed among us to put ourself in the shoes of the EXACT taste a being a winner


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.