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What on earth can take you away from relationship talks?

What on earth can take you away from relationship talks?!

How far you feel like that your life is away from the word name relationship, well its more often a simple fact that you get bored of being there with the same one until and unless you are not in the bond of something which you tag it as LOVE.
But how come you are going to differentiate that 'what exactly love is?'
Umm, I am often with the same thought that man I have fallen in love, whenever i check some gorgeous , But What you really think afterwords is just the another gorgeous girl from the next door also appeals you to that extent only.
to run onto the psychological side of this is that 'its a mere sign of telling you that guy you are straight.
More obvious "your any of the favorite novels or column can just teach about the DATE experiences but not about the thing "that what exactly love is" As the writer itself use to be busy in figuring it out, until and unless he surely don't get hooked by…

That little Hope

With the fine little hope, she picked hard to build a beautiful home.
With reasons in eyes,to save her child, from the mere uplift of this wizard time.
She din't loose her hope with the passing time Fighting with the nature for her instinct She turned out with a way to give a reason to exist.
A lot with failure with blowing wind she putted down her effort in just winning the hit, she fall'd and rose for with just single point of care.
That was the hope which din't got lost and disappear.
(there are uncountable moments in our life when we loose hope of doing something for us, In order to define who we are but that doesn't mean that  'we don't exist' , it use to be a mere start for defining that who we really are, to exploit the potential and finally speak through the time , that YES YOU DESERVE THIS                                             that's what NATURE TELL YOU)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

Fairness is taken as beauty

Before starting to put something in context to this I would first like to tell you that these kind a statement come's under the topic like Paradoxical statement which leads on to the argument which has inconsistency between the commonsense , most paradoxical statement are known to be illogical/incorrect argument.
And to more of our concern this statement finds its true value just in India, though its deep seeded in our thought from long while that"all that glitters is not GOLD"

but people out here in our country are more onto the contrary side of the above statement.

Definition of beauty varies from person to person, what seems beautiful to one may seem ugly to the other and vice versa. It just based on principle of perception towards anything and thinking seeds engraved in the mind. An importance is given to fairly looking girl and it always is accompanied with biasness.
For centuries Indian women have been raised to believe that fairness is beauty, and this has given rise…

So much to entrust you with !!

(Its for the thing that any kind off relationship works on trusting the partner who is there with you in it.)

Its so much to entrust you,
every moments I spare,
I believe that you are close to me,
but something leave me all despair.

At moments I close my eyes,
to feel you with the essence,
when I miss,
Its certain,the next moment
possessiveness leaves me amidst.

The sooner the love,take a hand on me
the later I carry the instinct of loosing you
in the next breeze.

Its love which always have some,
Obligation at hand,
I fear that you don’t mistrust me in the end.
Fear gets carried to the part of getting ditched,

i close my eyes again to pray that its so much to entrust you with.

copyright Sankalp Singh

The urge of falling in love

Well these days its been a kind off trend to just hang up with someone with the name Relationship, with the changing time Youngster are more onto the fact of living with someone which some or other way use to be just for passing time.Over 70 percent of people love to spend their time in relationship rather the left out just enjoy being single. And over 70 % percent people out there talk about the topic related to opposite gendermost of the time in a day.But there are even more categories of people who use to be there in relationship.Well a part of known intel people spend half of their useful time in doing shit with their partner and spoiling the urge of moment , That may effect to their office hours ,their college/school studies.Its not the fact that what you exactly want with life is someone there to be with you, but these days its more onto the status to depict the standard of people to atleast have someone to hang out with.People out there in college are more onto the taste being …