15 April 2013

So much to entrust you with !!

(Its for the thing that any kind off relationship works on trusting the partner who is there with you in it.)

Its so much to entrust you,
every moments I spare,
I believe that you are close to me,
but something leave me all despair.

At moments I close my eyes,
to feel you with the essence,
when I miss,
Its certain,the next moment
possessiveness leaves me amidst.

The sooner the love,take a hand on me
the later I carry the instinct of loosing you
in the next breeze.

Its love which always have some,
Obligation at hand,
I fear that you don’t mistrust me in the end.
Fear gets carried to the part of getting ditched,

i close my eyes again to pray that its so much to entrust you with.

copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. wow!!
    grt job!!
    well written.....:)

  2. lol that was specially written for the one, who use to like smile sweet stuff hehe


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.