20 April 2013

That little Hope

With the fine little hope,
she picked hard to build
a beautiful home.

With reasons in eyes,to save her child,
from the mere uplift of this wizard time.

She din't loose her hope with the passing time
Fighting with the nature for her instinct
She turned out with a way to
give a reason to exist.

A lot with failure with blowing wind
she putted down her effort in
just winning the hit,
she fall'd and rose for
with just single point of care.

That was the hope which din't got lost and disappear.

(there are uncountable moments in our life when we loose hope of doing something for us, In order to define who we are but that doesn't mean that  'we don't exist' , it use to be a mere start for defining that who we really are, to exploit the potential and finally speak through the time , that YES YOU DESERVE THIS
                                            that's what NATURE TELL YOU)

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. lollzzz...hapenes sme wid me a lott of tym n yeah i need diz fine little hope..!!!

  2. for this :) high five ;)


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.