03 April 2013

The urge of falling in love


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Well these days its been a kind off trend to just hang up with someone with the name Relationship, with the changing time Youngster are more onto the fact of living with someone which some or other way use to be just for passing time.

Over 70 percent of people love to spend their time in relationship rather the left out just enjoy being single. And over 70 % percent people out there talk about the topic related to opposite gender  most of the time in a day.

But there are even more categories of people who use to be there in relationship.

Well a part of known intel people spend half of their useful time in doing shit with their partner and spoiling the urge of moment , That may effect to their office hours ,their college/school studies.

Its not the fact that what you exactly want with life is someone there to be with you, but these days its more onto the status to depict the standard of people to atleast have someone to hang out with.

People out there in college are more onto the taste being there with certain someone rather then having something like friendship.

And if by luck, time is favouring you then,
its more often the fact that you scratch hard in order to keep up the friendship because the other half in most of the cases use to be damn insecure from you “as if you gonna snatch her girl or his guy. Which you know much better with the word called insecurity.

Well being in the crowd with a dream, to hangout.

What i am ?
is exactly that similar guy who just standing at the back of the group somewhere away from the crowd.
And thinking about the fact “that is it really a need , to be in a relationship to get someone close to you”
to support you, or to serve you in the same way as you wish to be served.

life moves on with so much of obligation’s where people are always bound with social norms.
And talking about India then its more onto status of people .

”Where people spend more of their time not for their happiness but in order to just satisfy themselves that the other one in the society won’t point at them”

where happiness of son/daughter is not onto choosing what he/she likes but it use to be more onto beet the standard of the neighbourhood’s son/daughter

Its status which matters more in this run.

And being a part of this society i always fall back with the idea of being there in true love, where i know that my limit won’t be sufficient enough to fight back the social norms.
To breaking the heart of parents/ the one whom whose gonna link with my heart.

Its still me with the same Urge of falling in love.

I setback,
I take a deep breathe and try to spend more to be engaged, when i am there with such emotions building some climax in my heart.

Sankalp Singh


  1. nice lines sankalp !!!!!! u actuly said the reality which everyone think about atleast once in a life.

    1. thank you so much mam! its pleasure to hear such things, once in a while to depict something which need to be there to mark you up with "what you are doing"

  2. thank you so much mam! its pleasure to hear such things, once in a while to depict something which need to be there to mark you up with "what you are doing"


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.