21 April 2013

What on earth can take you away from relationship talks?

What on earth can take you away from relationship talks?!

How far you feel like that your life is away from the word name relationship, well its more often a simple fact that you get bored of being there with the same one until and unless you are not in the bond of something which you tag it as LOVE.

But how come you are going to differentiate that 'what exactly love is?'

Umm, I am often with the same thought that man I have fallen in love, whenever i check some gorgeous ,
But What you really think afterwords is just the another gorgeous girl
from the next door also appeals you to that extent only.

to run onto the psychological side of this is that 'its a mere sign of telling you that guy you are straight.

More obvious "your any of the favorite novels or column can just teach about the DATE experiences but not about the thing "that what exactly love is"
As the writer itself use to be busy in figuring it out, until and unless he surely don't get hooked by the other one.

To more onto the fact of practicality then its time of internet dating , were people are obviously interested in spending time with at least someone when they have no one to hang out with. And so is the point when your gyan of novels get piled in impressive words to attract the other dumb(girl) on the other side. (Shitty situation that you can also be a DUMB- "in 90% cases people really get screwed in dating when they take decision by some social media profile picture :P).

But yeah sure that's none of the case that "those who try on internet have lost their faith with real world" , they surely give a good try in real life too......

So was the case with one of my friend who was damn eager in just getting hooked with any certain someone,who atleast can give him a goodnight kiss. :P

Well another true fact that (70% of relationship just exist on the term which you call it as "physical satisfaction". (Jab ladka ladki raazi to kya karega Qaazi)

There is a lot like love which you feel everyday Attraction, which serves the base, as a seed of screwing a part of your life.....

*you got attracted to girl and then you want her.
*you screw up you identity, you fight for her.
*you get rejected, gosh that you are f*cked up.
*and still you continue your mahasangram ("dude no one can watch her she is mine :P )

LOL what i feel like speaking at that extent is "jab wo teri tab nahi hui to ab tu kya ghanta hilaega" :P

But that's the social fact of what happens around , basically we were onto the part of noticing about "how can you know that you are in LOVE "

i can be more certain on this fact that its good that you don't know that you are in LOVE , because loving someone comes with the fact of loosing someone..

I may be sounding like some freaky CRITICS at this situation but its more obviously true
that ( In 90% cases you end up falling for the girl who use to be your best friend)

And that's the first step which you take for screwing yourself.

Because if you end up with something like breaking up more often you gonna be screwed with the thing that you will find no one to share the talks of something which gave you a hit.

So what I am doing in the end is saving myself from the craps,
living in the world which feels like that its away from the R Stuff 

But more onto the precaution of being in love with the wrong choice.!!

(oopps!! i forgot "What is love, actually"))


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. yeah wht is luvv actually ...???no one knows actually nthg...!!!

  2. a mere fact no one knows anything about it, but yeah actually everyone has something to say about it :)


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