27 May 2013

That unfinished thought

i want to hear your harsh word
but can't tolerate the pain of reading them

i want to write you a reply for that
but my hands don't rest on the keys

i think to speak it in voice
but i just find myself numb at that plee

yeah i am selfish and impatient
but i am having a heart to feel

my mind rest for playing tricks 
what i want is to get my share
of pain from you, i can't feel that
feeling, that its you who has to bear
its feel. 

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

22 May 2013

The talk within ME and You...(the patience and LOVE came to the spoon feeding of the thoughts that who you are)(A talk with my IDOL)

With the sweet urge of LIFE to know who you really are and what's that which makes me to follow you and love you so much!!......IS IT JUST MY FAITH

or is it that YOU R OUR
and i love to have the one who created the best of LIFE'S
human being as my IDOL!!

THE day I DREAMED about my beautiful conversation with YOU

the day ended with the same daily strucks of LIFE with times beating fast to knock up with this mordern world beating the pace ofF!!
and then came the loving night to satisfy our thirst of rest with LOVE

THE moment i lied i jerked to sleep tight....and it was night where the wishes of my whole childhood and past came to an end with MY BELOVED in my dreams to satisfie ME
i was able to see that angel figure there from the distant in his clear aura of that positive GLEAM!! 

A sweet smile encircled my face that he has came a long way!!

He told me HELLO! son! and i kept mummed for a while for the reason that i was astonished with his beautiful sigh!.....and moments after this surprised state faded with the gleam to know him.....

I:Why you took so long to see me :) as it was from childhood that i was dreaming to know that who's you!!. As my faith lies in you!
GOD: oHh my dear small  little kid i was busy for controlling the enhancement of the place where you lived :)

my question where not to short to end
I: asked him again that "you say that you are there in our heart but why don't you stop when we do something wrong.....as i thought that we are the puppets with the strings there in your hand....and had a feeling to be always right.....away from the wrong deeds of LIFE :) "

GOD: with a sweet smile on his face....he tapped on my back and smiled again with love...and begain with his statement that....my DEAR..YEAH i posses the strings of your in my hand....and yeah i be in your heart all the time...the air you breathe is because the reason is ME

but my son there is somethings that you have to learn with you FEEL
you are my child and you will always be
but i will just teach you to be right with the way
you fall...and yeah you will surely see the things that
with your positive FEEL!!

i wasn't sure that i was satisfied but i cared to move to some other plee as it was just today from years that HE HAVE HEARD ME and will take too many years to make him come back and talk to ME :)

I:i stated one thoughts which hurt me every time that "why people are just concerned about the wrong side of the COIN ??

its just the love of people and FAITH which binds us ALL

GOD: he answered me with LOVE that sweetheart i use to make everyone with the same love and deliver them my own LIFE :) its just the time which endeavour's the CHANGE in the TASTE of LIFE, i made them to think i made them to love :)
I showered my blessing's to sort out what's wrong and what's right!!

It was just the air of that surrounding which made him to change his LIFE :)

I: those things touched me and i was moved by IT.........and those chariot's of question got drawn to another side :)
it was me again with the question that "life always remain same doings always remain same

but why blood relation's counts everything???"

Is it just the BLOOD RELATION which COUNTS
GOD: he tapped on my back again with love and moved his hands onto my hair with the things as if how childish was my question in those sweet rhymes....:)

I: i wasn't able to judge what the situation was i BLUSHED with confused beads..and tried to cover up the old question with the social needs :)
that "isn't in too much for an innocent heart to BEAR"?

if you will see all around you will be able to find many peoples crying & suffering and you will be able to find thousands innocent heart fighting against death for their livelyhood

that was indeed my last urge to know because there where many times somethings which hurt me to know that's what that create the balance of LIFE :)

GOD: HE smiled again with the thing which i asked and told me that SON i guess you have studied those norms of LIFE so lovingly :)HE stated his thoughts that its just that the DEEDS OF people count to ME...and i USE TO SPRINKLE,THE next LIFE calculating to those DEEDS :) 
GOD: SMILED again....and  answered me with the FAITH that i will understand HE SPOKED TO ME THAT SON its just the count the reason again as the things you DID over the past you will have to pay them alas :)
i was satisfied with my talks with my idol of LIFE he....told me everything for which i STRIVE ....REASON'S may be many that i FOLLOW his PATH
that faith which has been generated in mecan be never DRAWN APART :)

i spoke these things to him and ended my part.

.....HE smiled again andsaid that YOUR SOUL 

has BEEN


from past!!

his aura got increased andthe 


him  HIDE<3

it was the DAWN from the night and i woke up with smile...that the things which i wished has ended in this way :) 
with the things of MY WISH & LIKES :)



© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

21 May 2013


So here i am again there with you all with some stupid phrases of the experiences of life.

Life is just a mere puppet of a supernatural power which fall when he wish, which rise when he wish, and which roll’s when you wish.
Its just so obvious in this time that one is there in need of always someone with whom he/she can share the uplifts of life. And that certain one is always tagged as the Special one in all the quotes or Romantic thoughts.
It was just the same going on with me in the capital. Inspite the fact that people over here are so involved with their professional life, yet there are some who enjoys being there with there own charm.
All you need to do is just turn around and look to the surrounding,
You will see a sixth standard child trying hard with his studies and having part time work of vending vegetable's in the evening, or one general store guy singing and enjoying his job while interacting in the best of there marketing skills with the customers.
Everything goes with the pace, and where was I , just stacked with works to do while just being internally booked with the state of my mind staring and taking glimpse of her.
Well here am I , Karan working in call centre in the internship program in Delhi for the summers , and there seated two o clock to me was a adorable girl dressed in blue, hairs curled and fluffy…and rest i just want to limit it with me
With the name Spriha .

And that’s the only thing which I know all about her, with lots of competition there in the firm, makes me one in her options to look at .
A simple, thin, guy hooked with headphone all the time, listening tracks when not on call, and jerking around alone with the coffee mug away from the groups during lunch.

That’s makes me quite an option, from the thoughts which I once learned in a book  “that people who use to be alone, becomes a centre of attraction”
I always bet on this topic only

So with this life, at office I have the other one too living in a flat next to a girls hostel, and being there with three of my friends enjoying the holiday to fullest with boozing and dieng and having fun all throughout the morning in the way we liked, Sometimes trying hard to seep and check into the girls hostel with our window , with the Binoculars which we bought there in the college just to take a look .
And the night use to be all booked with the fun of expecting her(Spriha), that in which format she would be dressed and atleast this will be the day where i will initiate for a talk with her.
That takes me back to the time that why I am just so introvert in talking to someone whom I like? well this question always set back some memories to me. That use to be quite un answerable by my side.

Weekends are all fun for me with the boozing and party kinda weather , but that was not going to be for this time, as the other one’s where going off to their respective home. So I was about to live alone for this two S days
Having a lots of planned linked for the weekends I just took a initiative on friday , it was quite long being a dumb ass , so i thought to ask here out,
I stood up and watched my steps towards her table
I was embraced with her looks as she was looking so adorable in her floral white and pink top. And that was making her think that i am being nuts watching her rack,
Well i shaked my head, and ask her if she wants coffee .
And started the conversation by telling about myself, and with some flirty and flattery skills managed to set a pull through Day out for the next day .
It was after so long that i had a nice weekends with someone of opposite gender.It was fun watching her smile and even me too. After a whole day of some window shopping by my side, and some nice time with movie on the corner duet seats of theater i was back to my apartment.
Few weeks later
“we started being nice to each other in the best way we can, it was a fresh and new start which i was about to tag as something more then friendship”

another weekend

Life is so complete when you have a girl next to you, that’s what i feel
And to have the best one with me i will always stand on the other side waiting for you to hold my hands and make me complete”

I heard a voice from behind
Of someone known of someone close.
I looked back and i was stunned,
Umm I wasn’t expecting you here I stated back.

The other rounds of words from her side
Is it stupid to wait for someone or is it worth to live with the fact that you can’t be with someone”
It was just like in few lines only i was being shooted with some number of times with the bullets of some past mistakes or precautions.
I just stood up looked at her and just wished to hug her, but that was something out of the region for me this time.

alarm sound  “creak creaks”I stood up in real, rubbed my eyes
“that was wet with the memories of past”
and thought about “what the fuck happened to me just a moment before”. I was not well it was just like someone poured some old thoughts into my mind,

I just took my old journal out and started reading something which  was once written by me in pain

The Tale of Passionate Love

That sweet breeze chilling me in the morn
that sun peeping from my window asking me
to wake up!!...that cellphone with unread
message of ma sweetheart!!

that feel in which i get lost..in my present
forgeting my past, YEAH!! that what which
give life to your DEAD HEART 3!! to beat
for the REASON to satisfy you & you feel WORTH!!

You,share all your talks..all your feels
whether in pleasant or in worst mood of

what it matters,it feel like as if you
have your soul crying>> *you share your
soul as one...& you give it the name LOVE

you BREATHE for the sake you have to take
care of her...you fall you skip...you cry!!
when she is HURT!!

this game of heart makes you fall you find
it difficult you TEAR apart...she holds your
hand,come closer to feel you heart...you BLUSh
and then be fine...that's the strength of LOVE

Smile as your lobe,reason is your HEART..
She is near which makes you complete,and
you fall in LOVE...

This love got spread in the veins of you
you BEAT you SKIp...as she do...you feel
you get low..as SHE do...you call it the
understanding,which has now melted in you

Your love come's on HIKE...and the reason is u
in that flame you get burn THROUGHOUT...
with the things which peeped in your heart.
that you can't be like this all THROUGH.

This touched you this ct as a poison for you
your feel got stucked to some missing TUNE
ans she got upset & the reason is you

Now she again cries,as she got hurt with the
new YOU!! But this time you dont fall as you
tried to do!! to raise your confidence which
can never be there for SHE to be shown.

She cried and you know and the more you cry!
in the INVISIBLE lobe..to feel free to show
that you can be ALONE!!

That soul which use to be one!! is now killed by ME
which toxicate our heart with pain unbearable to
resist..THAT BEAT which use to be one was CRUSHED
by me...and this time i had no one to BLAME
as the reason was far away from the past

She cried and cried for me to be the same!!
and i don't know what made me to fall with this

That love which we cherised was now to an end
that lost tune which soothed was shutting
down with pain!!

Tears did fall in this pain...and my HEART
do got squeezed and this time with tearful rain
it was an end to my BEAT & THE TRUE ME INSIDE!!

This love was the eternal...for me, for my soul!!
My shadow needs something to persist with this PAIN
i fall'd in love with the REASON ME to be BLAMED.

Scribbling the case,now in rain,
Tears falling and the breezes are the same
That epoch of LOVE came to an end...
with no past love which i use to touch in pain!!

No such nights with sleep and MORNING came!!
Messages sometimes FORWARDED with diff names,
& sometimes my cellphone in SWITCHED OFF STATE

TEARS keep rolling and days skipped....why the
reason still persist....why I cant be with she all
through the time I EXIST "

A simple tear of failure fall'd down through my eyes, for the time which was now carved in memories only with girl with whom i once shared something which i called LOVE at instant. I was choked for a moment for the time that i am still in the same way learning for the way to set back from her memories,

And now when i just sink in this emotions i blame for all the instant and relationship which i have with everyone there in my life, my hate for not being able to carry a relationship in which i really loved someone drives me crazy to hate each and every one there in my life.

tring tring
i got a call from spriha

while i was there in thought of something unexplainable 
I just picked up the phone and asked her to call me later.

And then was continuing the thought of being such a asshole with life, i started remembering of the past time when i just bubbled up with this thought of being in the memories of her,
It was the same time when i i asked one of my friends to just leave me alone for no reasons at all.

It was certain time when i fear of just being in relationship with someone with the reason that i will break up again with her, and its also certain time when i think that i would get physical.
Well that whole scenario just put up a tons of doubt on "what am I ? "

tring tring
another call from Spriha
"and i really fear from my answer this time, as the same from past a handful number of times "phsycopath" hah yeah certainly thats what i feel about my self

i asked you do don't call i am busy right and will talk to you later, bye.

and this is the line which often use to be the last one for a number of time when i just initiate for the life being there with someone where i am not able to forget the one with whom i was there once before"

and what suits as mere option for me at that time is get back to her knowing that i can't be without her, killing all of the reason which i once stated to her

leaves me wild, and with screwed up state

i took my phone and searched for name Eri
shooted a message regarding all the stuff and asked for whats the problem with me and all after a long time, its yet again the same time with some selfish thoughts by my side, to overcome MY PAIN, MY SORROW , AND GET BACK MY LOVE.

what set backs the life after relationship is getting something as reply "which you know that you deserve but can't digest really that you got "

                                              "i have done everything as per your wishes
Friendship your wish!
best friendship your wish!
relationship your wish!
you were busy your wish!
lack of time, Ok! thats also your wish
So much wishes that I had finally lost that
what my wishes are.!!
So this is the time when i am concentrating on my wishes
so please don't piss me off"

And then stand finally you with you wishes dumped by your steps only.

I took my phone and wrote a long text to Spriha
With a farewell from my life............................................................................

"that's something which take place most of time in the life after relationship, where a person cant find what he/she exactly want from life, or who he/she  exactly want, and to the time they exactly know, it use to be more than late for their life.

take your shot at the right time


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

15 May 2013

Oh! fish she carries same title

"Oh! fish she carries same title"

Well to more of the concern up there in this modern society there are yet some people who use to be carried out with the true form of feeling and emotions, may be somewhere there not so intense but everyone has some of the quotient of positive side among themselves which can feel that part which an innocent heart wish to go for, not the one which is carried on by desires.

Now this brings me to talk on to what desires actually are, may be some forms of wishes piled up with the call of nerves when some emotions clinch you.

But to more on I must come on to the topic for which i am writing this time in column "its about there are yet! some youngster out here who think in the way that its foolish to get into the stuff like relationship if they can't pull it up to marriage".

There might be many of the cases and abbrevational tags for them from the other one's in the society who have taken bath into the modern western'd culture. But what's the best tags which suits from my side to that specific race of men's/women's are that they are worth showing respect , and mere set of examples from which we need to learn for.

What you feel of the topic when it come's from nowhere , a hot burning topic from some of your friends talks that they have broken up "just for the case they had no future" or "Certainly the guy has dumped her after using." Well I think one's need to think more onto this concern that apart of the normal stuff what we in teenage thinks that if its relationship its about passing time and having someone close by to the time you need. "It don;t start with the one who carries someone to bed , it start with the one who makes the other half to meet his/her parents"

What's that what we miss is the way we get our self linked within that era of spending time for the other one, cascaded with spell of magical desires and with intimate emotions carrying both the heart to a fairy tale world. That once when you need to prick it to an end , The only things that shatters your confidence and breaks your heart is running off from the desires, for which once you had planned and desired.

We are living in Indian society , It can be modern to an extent but when it come's to marriage the only thing that hit edges to status for which we hook a lot, is that their parents did this & their parents did that. And we have girl from this family and all, but when you look onto the contrary side , when a guy choose a girl at this day and ask for the family for support there are 70% which denies 20% percent which agrees for their son or daughter but never start celebrating in the way they would have if it would have been their choice. 5% of couples end up getting physical and then dumping. And the rest 5% lies in the miscellaneous category.

So what's up with my point in this fact is , though we are being modernized with our thoughts but , the distinctive and integrative properties of the Indian society yet make us far behind the westernized culture being adopted to same extent. It still cherishes the same unworthy and always uplifted topic of religion, caste race and all. Which always use to be in consideration just during some motivational speeches but always gets chained with meanness when it comes to reality.

The only things which is needed to look on and live on the bright side is too think in the way that a grown up would, not just to live up with the teenage wish of hooking up with someone, but with a grown up wish of living life in a way, that once you grow, you enjoy GROWING up, not suffer from that GUILT which may encircle you later on.
So with that urge and wish of being free from that guilt I always heck shout in my mind, that woh hell she is off my title....so here i can continue the next phase of the demand :P

do share with your mates if you have understood that i wanted to say and keep me updated with your comments below>>


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

From shorts to short skirt ;)

Time is the thing which goes on and on, and so with the changing time life use to get dipped in new taste which is often delicious or that what you call as Yummy to have.
Its western culture which is taking a hold on our Indian base,
And so metropolitan are the best example to show up the changing trend,

Life at the center of table is now centered to show off what you have,
though it runs fast but for the changing view its "To get the superb fact".

Well being a guy and having normal human tendency i often,
swift back with my mood to check and then cross check any hot
chick passing by, and exclaiming with the fact "oh! she is so hot."
People are changing from the center of simple and sober, to "HOT & SEXY"
And so is the fact "where a new generation shop more to become sexy then to
be beautiful".

Its more obvious that young generation are more onto the likes of boyfriends or getting banged with likes on facebook . Social media has certainly been a key for the show of half of the entertainment.But its a simple crime going on these days away on the backtrack of this fun, where people are just there with the thoughts of copying up your favorite status report, your pictures and reediting it into some porn stuff for money or for fun.

whatever the reason may be , but seriously that something for which we need to take concern, share among all for this to generate an awareness about this.


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

14 May 2013

Love and farewell to my dear one's

Standing on the verge of ONE phase of life
Have understood all what does the word
friendship,emotions, hanging out ,tears and
most of what Relationship means.....!!!

When i look back to the time, I remember
the same tension rolling on there up in sleeve
when I completed intermediate, and the same
has been persistent to this time.

In the name of those memories, I give
farewell to the loving memories and standing
up once again to rule for the wishes of mine,
to bring glories in the cause of the start.

Obsessed with the want & desire of time
I gently swift my hands on the tears, 
for the sweet memories which have 
piled up in this section of life.....!!!

Will always love to cherish for the moments
what I have shared, & will always
remember to cheer, by opening up the section
of memories from my heart.

Love and farewell to all my dear one's!!

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

11 May 2013

Love inevitable

(There are many times few state , that a relationship don't really end when its finally have ended)

Still don't feel the worth of this time
Being alone , caring the stream
And spending my life
in the backpacks of time.

Its the simple genuine thought
which is letting me suffer the way I am
And when its NOW me standing 
amidst in memories of her, only.

With the clear note of moving on
something is just holding my hands
and taking me aback to the time
from where i started that journey...long apart.

Still feel the same drizzle and breezes
and write the same words of love
but what i lack is Romance in it as it
gets piled with confusion of hell life.

Its more clear, that RELATIONSHIP has taken a roll
and its now the matter of past.

But what holds me aback is that
notching feel of unease when 
Somewhere she say something hard.

But she never knew
that  why i did the same all the time
with some stupid text of my heart's wishes
because the way i DiD i know her
that she would come up with something strong

and the way i am , i know that how numb i am with my feel
that sometimes i really wanna feel that
what i was really

What was that person within me who died
on that day with the changing stream of time.
With that love which was, cherished, wished and then
thrown by me in some stream.

I really love to read the another round of your words
because that only what makes me feel that
what i am really!! <#


"i have done everything as per your wishes
Friendship your wish!
best friendship your wish!
relationship your wish!
you were busy your wish!
Time nahi hai , Ok! thats also your wish
So much wishes that I had finally lost that
what my wishes are.!!
So this is the time when i am concentrating on my wishes
so please NO more STUPIDITY!!"

(Life never feeds you the way and the thing which you wanna get)


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh