15 May 2013

From shorts to short skirt ;)

Time is the thing which goes on and on, and so with the changing time life use to get dipped in new taste which is often delicious or that what you call as Yummy to have.
Its western culture which is taking a hold on our Indian base,
And so metropolitan are the best example to show up the changing trend,

Life at the center of table is now centered to show off what you have,
though it runs fast but for the changing view its "To get the superb fact".

Well being a guy and having normal human tendency i often,
swift back with my mood to check and then cross check any hot
chick passing by, and exclaiming with the fact "oh! she is so hot."
People are changing from the center of simple and sober, to "HOT & SEXY"
And so is the fact "where a new generation shop more to become sexy then to
be beautiful".

Its more obvious that young generation are more onto the likes of boyfriends or getting banged with likes on facebook . Social media has certainly been a key for the show of half of the entertainment.But its a simple crime going on these days away on the backtrack of this fun, where people are just there with the thoughts of copying up your favorite status report, your pictures and reediting it into some porn stuff for money or for fun.

whatever the reason may be , but seriously that something for which we need to take concern, share among all for this to generate an awareness about this.


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. tum khali darao logo ko..wo bhi khule aam..:P

  2. haha lolz kya karu just wanted to share some important information to wo to khule aam hi karna padega mujhe


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