14 May 2013

Love and farewell to my dear one's

Standing on the verge of ONE phase of life
Have understood all what does the word
friendship,emotions, hanging out ,tears and
most of what Relationship means.....!!!

When i look back to the time, I remember
the same tension rolling on there up in sleeve
when I completed intermediate, and the same
has been persistent to this time.

In the name of those memories, I give
farewell to the loving memories and standing
up once again to rule for the wishes of mine,
to bring glories in the cause of the start.

Obsessed with the want & desire of time
I gently swift my hands on the tears, 
for the sweet memories which have 
piled up in this section of life.....!!!

Will always love to cherish for the moments
what I have shared, & will always
remember to cheer, by opening up the section
of memories from my heart.

Love and farewell to all my dear one's!!

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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