11 May 2013

Love inevitable

(There are many times few state , that a relationship don't really end when its finally have ended)

Still don't feel the worth of this time
Being alone , caring the stream
And spending my life
in the backpacks of time.

Its the simple genuine thought
which is letting me suffer the way I am
And when its NOW me standing 
amidst in memories of her, only.

With the clear note of moving on
something is just holding my hands
and taking me aback to the time
from where i started that journey...long apart.

Still feel the same drizzle and breezes
and write the same words of love
but what i lack is Romance in it as it
gets piled with confusion of hell life.

Its more clear, that RELATIONSHIP has taken a roll
and its now the matter of past.

But what holds me aback is that
notching feel of unease when 
Somewhere she say something hard.

But she never knew
that  why i did the same all the time
with some stupid text of my heart's wishes
because the way i DiD i know her
that she would come up with something strong

and the way i am , i know that how numb i am with my feel
that sometimes i really wanna feel that
what i was really

What was that person within me who died
on that day with the changing stream of time.
With that love which was, cherished, wished and then
thrown by me in some stream.

I really love to read the another round of your words
because that only what makes me feel that
what i am really!! <#


"i have done everything as per your wishes
Friendship your wish!
best friendship your wish!
relationship your wish!
you were busy your wish!
Time nahi hai , Ok! thats also your wish
So much wishes that I had finally lost that
what my wishes are.!!
So this is the time when i am concentrating on my wishes
so please NO more STUPIDITY!!"

(Life never feeds you the way and the thing which you wanna get)


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. :) Life never feeds you the way and the thing which you wanna get (Y)

  2. yeah exactly the same!!

  3. Well I agree with this :)


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.