15 May 2013

Oh! fish she carries same title

"Oh! fish she carries same title"

Well to more of the concern up there in this modern society there are yet some people who use to be carried out with the true form of feeling and emotions, may be somewhere there not so intense but everyone has some of the quotient of positive side among themselves which can feel that part which an innocent heart wish to go for, not the one which is carried on by desires.

Now this brings me to talk on to what desires actually are, may be some forms of wishes piled up with the call of nerves when some emotions clinch you.

But to more on I must come on to the topic for which i am writing this time in column "its about there are yet! some youngster out here who think in the way that its foolish to get into the stuff like relationship if they can't pull it up to marriage".

There might be many of the cases and abbrevational tags for them from the other one's in the society who have taken bath into the modern western'd culture. But what's the best tags which suits from my side to that specific race of men's/women's are that they are worth showing respect , and mere set of examples from which we need to learn for.

What you feel of the topic when it come's from nowhere , a hot burning topic from some of your friends talks that they have broken up "just for the case they had no future" or "Certainly the guy has dumped her after using." Well I think one's need to think more onto this concern that apart of the normal stuff what we in teenage thinks that if its relationship its about passing time and having someone close by to the time you need. "It don;t start with the one who carries someone to bed , it start with the one who makes the other half to meet his/her parents"

What's that what we miss is the way we get our self linked within that era of spending time for the other one, cascaded with spell of magical desires and with intimate emotions carrying both the heart to a fairy tale world. That once when you need to prick it to an end , The only things that shatters your confidence and breaks your heart is running off from the desires, for which once you had planned and desired.

We are living in Indian society , It can be modern to an extent but when it come's to marriage the only thing that hit edges to status for which we hook a lot, is that their parents did this & their parents did that. And we have girl from this family and all, but when you look onto the contrary side , when a guy choose a girl at this day and ask for the family for support there are 70% which denies 20% percent which agrees for their son or daughter but never start celebrating in the way they would have if it would have been their choice. 5% of couples end up getting physical and then dumping. And the rest 5% lies in the miscellaneous category.

So what's up with my point in this fact is , though we are being modernized with our thoughts but , the distinctive and integrative properties of the Indian society yet make us far behind the westernized culture being adopted to same extent. It still cherishes the same unworthy and always uplifted topic of religion, caste race and all. Which always use to be in consideration just during some motivational speeches but always gets chained with meanness when it comes to reality.

The only things which is needed to look on and live on the bright side is too think in the way that a grown up would, not just to live up with the teenage wish of hooking up with someone, but with a grown up wish of living life in a way, that once you grow, you enjoy GROWING up, not suffer from that GUILT which may encircle you later on.
So with that urge and wish of being free from that guilt I always heck shout in my mind, that woh hell she is off my title....so here i can continue the next phase of the demand :P

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  1. well i must say writer's observation is clear and focused....nyc writing.....worth to read it...giav a try five mintues of lyf...it is awsum..:)

  2. well its pleasure to here such a response !!

  3. we cant change others mind for dis mordern thinking...bt one thing which we al shuld build up is d trust n connection wid our parents..dey cn do anythg for us...


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