27 May 2013

That unfinished thought

i want to hear your harsh word
but can't tolerate the pain of reading them

i want to write you a reply for that
but my hands don't rest on the keys

i think to speak it in voice
but i just find myself numb at that plee

yeah i am selfish and impatient
but i am having a heart to feel

my mind rest for playing tricks 
what i want is to get my share
of pain from you, i can't feel that
feeling, that its you who has to bear
its feel. 

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. KYA BAAT !!
    KYA BAAT!!

  2. kya bat , hai loved your comment hehe STAY here always hehe

  3. smetyms we hurt d one we love d most without any intension..n afterwars we feel lke hell of wht we hav done...


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.