09 June 2013

Especially for the Women’s out there (Mom’s)

(This update is in the name of all the woman's out there in our society being suffered from something from time, especially targeted on the people before our generation, think how helpless you lie and learn how you need to be in this current time)

Yeah Mom, i am your child
with all my love tangled in my heart.
I wish I pled in all my prayers that
I could have been there to save your from world.

Every time i shed my tears with the name’s
Of all the God , which you made me learn,
Still I find myself all alone , helpless to give
you a soothing hand on the point where you
were hurt.

I weep after hearing those painful moments
those fights of yours with dad at time’s
i seriously tremble with fear in my eyes
to think about the obsessed time.

I use to close my ear with fear of time
so that the riot of words, don’t hurt me
at that time, i was a kid in those days
When you felt all the pain to save me all
throughout the rhyme.

Yeah i am soft in the things at times
yeah i am gentle with the respect of mine
because i have heard you mom with the
shear pain, of being rude and upthrusted
and scrached on heart, at the closest days
of that teenage time.

I hear your words to let you feel that
I am there, but always feel that mom
i needed to be at that time, i swear
i would have casted a spell, to all the
obligation and pain in that married life.

Or else i would have died with the same
poison which you once took tired of the rein
of the society and male dominant time! Crying face

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  1. @ankku di sach mein yaar aapse kuch nahi ho sakta :P

  2. huh!! atleast i tried ... nice one btw

  3. haha, yeah i am glad that you tried so hard, but i wonder itne easy comment box par apse comment kyun nahi ho pa raha tha :P

  4. sach batao :) aaj kuch peeya to nahi hai akele akele wobhi :P

  5. man se nai kar rai thi na :P

  6. wahi to maine kaha tha pehle bhi

  7. smetyms we fell handicamped by nt doing anythg for our dear ones when we relly want to....me 2 hav experienced d sme...

  8. Exactly and that situation is worst to feel, means, its better to be there on the positive side, and help the other one rather then , just blaming yourself that you were of no use.

    Experiences counts, you can share.


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.