03 June 2013

The talk of the Fourth year in town

(this is a random update specially for some special reader who always use to be there at 12 midnight or 12 noon to just see this and reply me about "how is it?")

(The talk of the Fourth year in town)

Somethings are not meant to be missed by closing your eyes
and letting the stream to melt it down with time, 

Something really require your presence, to 
feel the single & every rythm of the tap at your heart

Maybe with a simple words of greet
or certainly with some piles of word coupled to say you bye

All it meant to be is just simple farewell banging and knocking at the doors of your heart!

It do , needs the care of the time to let you feel
It do, needs the patience to turn around from that feel,

Somethings just use to be happen at times
which we can never turn from,
All it ask is just , we "closing our eyes"
Feeling the moments, and in the best way it can be!!

To let that bangs & knock at your heart to
mix with the new breezes around
What I do is lay my trust on TIME!!

To move out with a spell for smile, from this spell of tears & farewell & goodbyes!


© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. well i knw why did u wrote this one...well i appreciate u thought abt this .....to say "bye" is nt tht easy as just to thnk.....when u will b there i will ask u tht bt its tru tht blv in f time ....all is well....!!
    thnx :)

  2. Well certainly at this instant what i feel, is that i am surely gonna be off from this scenario even when i am gonna be at your stage, as i did practiced in my school days,

    But if i wont be able to be on the way and track which i am practicing from long , i could just say, that I would be in love <3 which is certainly not going to happen lol!

    I know that's quite a tough task to say bye!! but you know i feel blessed that i am here able to write something for you all, knowing about your emotions because that's which marks the trust and feel!! :)

  3. how much u practice.....its dsnt effcts it just happns n d vst way is let it be!!
    u n express ur feelings here thts amazing ....superb job ......n m happie tht at this age u understnd emotions n ol very well....matured enugh !!

  4. :) Well that's something to celebrate and cheer for, but for more concern I always ends up with the question and shear time of waiting to let that kind of feel embezzel upon me which people keep it on hike and say, that you can't overcome from that :)


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.