17 July 2013

Expectation (Irony of LIFE)


Irony of life

Just one letter word which runs the whole world.
What do you mean by it?
Different people and they have their own different understanding about this thought, to link to the one whom they love the most,that what is the realm of
As parents have some with their child, a child with them. When the child grew old, he/she shares another form of expectation with the person they fall in relationship. Later on in Jobs a employee has some expectation with their boss, While moving further later, A newly married girl has some with the person with whom she is going to spend her life.
Collectively its like breathing with this thought that,you expect that the air doesn't have poison in it. Every now and then you knit some of wishes in the form of expectation. Which is truly normal if you go onto the psychology of one's mind.
But the only thing which you never know is the extent to which your mind can think.
Are you genius?
What's Life after death?
There are truly some questions which gives you ample reasons to think and conclude with an answer, but you could truly sense out that this is not the perfect answer for this. Somewhere its wrong. And so for some of the activities which you do, you know that you are doing wrong but that's certainly never use to be the deal at your end .
What you do, use to wrong only, but you do instead of thinking about it.
It could have been never the perfect day for taking birth , Saturday 2:00 clock was the time when a mother was finally relieved from the pain which she was bearing from last couple of months. And to tell you about the father, well he was bit relieved that at the age when it was a male dominant society , he got a son, who could Cheer up his succession and the inheritance later on.
It was dated as 3rd of Sept, when two of the heart stepped on earth, one there in the 5star Hospital , whose father was efficient to hold up the Fees requirement, while the other one was a child who took birth in the middle class family. In some simple hospital around the city.
This was The time when the expectations  just use to be about the son,
Well, though the fact was highly talked down in holy books, that she use to be called as the laxmi(inheritence of money). But the facts direct to some other area
For a girl always use to be tagged with some household stuff, away from literacy. And on whole with shear burden of the amount of Dowry which use to be required for her livelihood,marriage.
Deep down seeded into society some shitty rules, and no one creates that it use to be all about bitching. When something went wrong in another family the neighbours bitch the things. And when something gets wrong in the neighbours the same family bitch all the same lines which was once low talked for them. This completes the cycle with certain rules, created in way that whenever you step out from this,all you will experience is bitching.
On whole the father was relieved that he is not the one who has to take the burden of adding up money for dowry.
Its from then these parents started expecting that he is the one who is going to be their livelihood when they will grow old.
So what lies further is just the future built with block by block in the name of expecting that someday its gonna be the one who is going to take care of the, old monks around.
Irony is just to the present scenario where more then 70% parents are living in some sort of ashram's/old age homes ,while their son are living all abroad enjoying there life with their other half, their child seeking education #costing more then a lakh. And their grandfather and grandmother living miles away.
It was the time when the expectation with the son, got nourished and raised.With something like the future investment.But the only thing where someone lacked was keeping up to every wishes of the child. From this toy to that chocolate. That little heart never felt the pain of earning so hard. The thing which he wanted, use to be the thing which he own.
While on the other part the middle class family was so efficient to look onto the needs of the child and their finance budget. And so they use to handle every need, in the concern to let the child grow well, and understand what up with that life #middle class earnings.
Time never waits for anyone, and so the two little heart who share the same birthday grew older with time.In their own way of being raised in a rich family and a middle class one.
It use to be easy for the one who is rich to get all the things what they want, that's somewhere the place where the child never feel the emotions of #needs. Care is something which never use to be on his part. And so, he always use to be tuned up into something whose fun use to lie in partying, boozing , outing and on and on.
When you look back to the side of the other one who is raised in a middle class family. The only thing which he truly understand is, Emotions. As you know there is always some sort of drama, fights and things being carried out in family like this.
The building phase of child, and the time which use to be the payback for all the expectation which a parent has with their son/daughter.
The place which is like unity in diversity, where you get mixed with all the standards of living. The only thing which troubles at this end is the combination of middle class family with the rich one.
And so the was with the one who shared the same birthday got to share the fate of being their in the same college.
#middle class- studied hard for his interest and burden on the shoulder that they have to take care of the family.
#Rich one- Haha!! This is for what we have management quoto allotted.
But its just not the display of your smartness once you got selected into it, because after that  it requires a lot of effort to prove that you are actually worth to be a part of it.
There use to be a lot of tension in the family(middle) in terms finance, one takes a loan , or spend all the amount of money which he was saving from long time just to bet on the child, that once he will be efficient in adding up money. He will be able to take care of us.
Adding up with nice set of responsibilities for future the middle class guy was the one who was made by the wishes and efforts and expectation of all the family.
But, if its expectation it always come with some nice set of responsibilities for living,but you can never hear always a nice set of experiences in the mixing a middle class flavour with the rich instinct , and so was with the two guys #college life.
There was whole lot of boozing and party scenario all throughout the college time, that mere set of responsibilities was set aside for the time being. And later on it was taken over by personal space of freaking and hanging out.
It was though, very common with the one who was from the upper class of society but for the people #middle class, its something new, and something which is sufficient enough to push the normal set of life into something which is going to raise the demand for everything.
Though back in home was all the people , all set with the expectation for their is child has been enrolled in some nice graduation program, but whats with this middle class boy was something off the scenario something for fun, which later on took the shape of asking money from family to satisfy the new engaged needs of that guy, which was asked from family in needs of #projects / #assignments.
This took a birth the building some sets of lies, for satisfying the new hunger , #groupism of something which was really not needed at this extent.
College life has to end one day, & so it happened.
But a drained mind who loves the addiction can never overcome the habit unless you try hard for it.
Upper class family has never been so keen in observing what their child is doing as their parents always use to be busy with their own life. So that goes fine with the throne of #rich guy, he was sent to some other #private college for post graduation.
While there on the end of #middle class, the guy started with 5digit job. Not sufficient enough to keep up his needs, A year later of his work, its obvious that he will try to step outside the boundary of country. In the name of obsession.
Which will just take the shape of killing all the expectation of the family as later on the guy would just be able to cope up with his needs, Their parents would end up in some old age home. Crying hard for their loss in the investment which they made.

What i would be doing ?
Sunday morning,
Watching Media,

"Thirst of money killed a FATHER. His Son escaped after shooting him straight on his forehead"
"Well 90% of Parents lives in old age homes".


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  1. Applauses for the good work. Atleast somebody out there will surely be benefitted with your words whose getting off track with their parents expectations.

  2. Well i am really #feeling Delighted with this comment!!


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