04 July 2013

Spoiling Life for fun?

A strange yet worthy question which puts some weight there in your mind to think
 "Are you Spoiling your LIFE?"

Well youngster often get caught and indulge in such activities where all they suffer from is just getting bullied by others for their look,and the other one just enjoy bullying.And surely take the shape of ugliness when its a girl who is the victim in such scenario.

Though its true that at an age like this everyone needs attention, and seeks for that by different methods, may be from friends, colleagues and so on. And to get that sometimes kids go so far, being unable to differentiate between reality & fanatasy.

They are unable to judge the situation and fall in the pit, which use to get ugly when it gets real.
Turn back your eyes on the happening around, you will see at every age something like bitching for the another one.
You know she was looking so pathetic
She don't even know how to dress.
Oh you oiled so much in hair, what you do.

But Bitching is something which is just when its a girl who is speaking, as it takes the shape of bullying when a guy initiate that.

There are hell lot of case happening around when a girl fall in love with some guy around, and sheds everything for that in the mere teenage, they get closer, they get physical
#girls think that they have a got everything what there life needs
#guys just enjoy the pleasure of sex.

And the day when the hear about that the girl pregnant , they become nuts and can't find anything best suited then avoiding that girl.

The last step for that girl use to be is aborting, and if its late, then there are hell lot of people who think like consuming whole lot of medicine in response to the teasing and comments which they get from the society, which ends up of the crucial and deep note that they can't conceive in future because of overdose of medicine.

This ends with just a small note "that It's not worth to have fun on the cost of someones life."

Be genuine in your actions!
Have fun but don't make someones life hell because of that.

No one deserves this , its could happen to someone in your family too.

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