04 July 2013

That Life which i Hate

The life which i hate is all about the extent to which a heart could get irritated with the uplifts of life.

So how you people finds yours vacations there at home, hmm?
The time when from ideal hostel scenario you get a change of environment to the real place, where you often run to share the conversation on the back track with parents about , 'hows life there at college, hows studies, and how about the future planning, with the afterlife.

Well what i find screwing these days at home is the only tension scenario building from the day one to day 30 and still on its sale. To the moments when i feel like to be with some simple rest, some enjoyment and some environment with love, what I find in the meal is the lunch being served with a taunt and so with the dinner.

Likewise use to be the other day and another one.

I know that a decade back things where a whole lot a trouble for women out there in #Indian society. Its now when we are just taking care for the equality kind of things, but when you will turn back your eyes in today's scenario yet you will see sarcasm when there is a differentiation and quota (zone allotted) discriminating the sex which is once taken as the lead issue to upgrade the development of India.

But to speak onto the topic and relationship #Indian society decade back, interest served in Joint family with shear uplifts in Mother in law and the next generation upholder. 

In the name of that uplifts of that decade, How I am related is just in the way

#getting screwed daily with the same sort of Memories or just the after effects of scars.
Building just a whole lot of negativity in mind, with frustration and irritated attitude to all the things around.

What i am ? Is just a puppet build with human ears, to hear the experiences of that time with instinct and after effects to be tuned in the way the orator is the only one who is suffering in the end.
#When i was child I felt hatred, I felt pain, I felt love for the one Who is the orator.

#When i am grown up with the same stories of past, what i felt is the same old things being dragged and pulled till today 
and i wonder where's my hatred, pain, love as all i feel is just, agitation/irritation for hearing those shits again and again.

Things change with time
That's something which we need to take care of.
As the one who was young decade back
Has a family now,who feels
Who get hurt in the same way.
As the orator once felt decades back.

May be the aftereffects would be like,
Pain would be the same just the orator and the
Puppet will change with the TIME.

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