25 July 2013

The world where people thrive for Sexting!!

The world where people thrive for Sexting.

"Relationship is indeed the purest thing which people embezzle and feel throughout their life. But there are really at time when this is carried out not with Love but just to quench once thirst for sexting."

Every person here on earth either human species or animal share a different kind off relationship among each other. Beholding and satisfying the need of themseleves and their locality.

Relationship is merely just one word, but it has its own description which changes from people to peolple, not because of the regionality but on the basis of the purest feeling of soul Emotions.
Emotions are certianly one's building block, which helps you in some or other way building up your charachter or else, you entirely.Including your attitude towards a thing, or the way you lead you life. Emotions is a simple string ,which once pricked in the wrong manner , gives you a scar for all the time.
But do you really think that its just each & every person here in our surrounding which truly care about this stuff, Means to take care of once emotional aspect, or to take care of other.


There are dozens who just don't care about any emotional aspect of life, but just all what they care about is lust. I won't target or comment onto the people who are just "doing fine with every emotions of relationship" as I stand nowhere to speak against them. They are doing fine.
What what about the other one who are not ?

They are yet! Many relationship being carried out which has no base of emotions or which has been drained with all the emotional aspects of life , but all what they enjoy is sexting.

Sitting in night, idle, Bored
What if you always have an option with you, A girl/guy?
Yeah Opposite sex certainly,
Its just when you start talking chatting, flirting and then something intimate tot he other level, Sexting.
Though indeed we are mordenised and copy every aspects of life from the western culture , and so do we copied this even from them, but what we can't copy is the openness, or the way or to the extent they are emotional.

We are grown up with some other culture around, we as Indian, are fool enough who has emotions to an extent of no limit. Which you always can see, from the activities of your own or the person next to you.
For the one who don't know what sexting is, I should better say man/mam please don't fool people around, as you know Big Boss is watching you ;)

Stay tuned for more people,
 Enjoy Sexting oops........sorry TEXTING......!!

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  1. kya baat stay tuned!!

  2. Lol what was this for ! Ha post par nai ek line par comment kia hehe


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