06 September 2013

In the closet of my heart

In the closet of my HEART.

In the closet of my heart
A beautiful tune makes me
feel of those past time,
A simple words sometimes
motivates for my Life.

            I stand on the verge of a day
that sunset teaches me the hope of life.
That a morning will come, changing
the aura of my life.

Deep down in the,
CLoset of my heart,
I have some memories eating up my mind
A layer of a hope epitaxially grow on it
to let me feel positive with time,

             I bow my head in the mercy
of my beloved !!
And let my eyes find rest , and hands
folded in front of him.

Shedding all what i have in love
And all which make me feel worth
I let him! Enter in the closet of my

Just to feel positive
from the endless time of Negative heart.

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© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Its beautiful. .:)

  2. d words r justifying d title...it is relly closet to heart bcz it touched ri8 der<3...:)

  3. :) some daily general facts can also touch you any where, that's what it is about!


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