29 September 2013

Indulging the LOVE

Indulging the LOVE

(a short poem on the Faith of Creator)

To all the dreams with some positive hope,
I raise my voice against all odd,

I know I weep deep down , when I am low
But I don't let that trust of you fall.

I am just a small creation of you 
my beloved
I always know
what is my worth.

I look at every odds around me,
And just exclaim with the fact.
That's not so worth.

I know that I am not the saviour
at your end,
But I always love the LOVE which I get.

I am just a puppet, pulled our with strings
And I know that you are here,
Holding the chords.

My mistakes
can be corrected
by being of your kind,
Generous and with full of hope.

And whenever I day dream with such a hope
I always feel the auro of Love.

Respect and Dignity is just
a names of leaves,

I know that you live in the
Flowers of HOPE.

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© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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