08 October 2013

I still believe the world is BEAUTIFUL

I still believe the world is BEAUTIFUL

Of all the moments that touch my heart
I always have memories to sooth me apart
I am a believer of God,
Who Love to show his faith.
I know things went wrong but
I will correct it in my way.

I fear BUT!
Apocalypse is long way to come
Forget about hurting each other's souls
As the more you sink in revenge
Is the more you die on your own.

I see that tear's in the name of hunger
I see those child whining about shelter
I am just a messenger of God.
And so are you,
So why can't we join up ,
To let the world feel true.

I fear BUT
I raise, My voice against BLAME
As I am the messenger of LOVE
who hates to be stained.
Let thou soul feel the positivity
The truth & essence of being Human

Let us Just Join hands to work on the FACT

That the hemisphere is still left with beautiful heart

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© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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