19 October 2013

Let your Eyes Join your Emotions

Let your Eyes Join your Emotions

(This post is dedicated to all the one who is BLIND with their EYES as well as EMOTIONS)

I slowly wept in the middle of my dream
I cried and I cried in the same lost stream

Eager to know the way she looked
I nibbled my pain in droplets of tears, and I looked.

I looked to the moments, To the very old time
I holded her gently and asked her with a whine
Mom, Will I be able to see this world.
The way it looks, It makes me feel hurt.

I am done with this shadows,
This never ending steer,
I wish i could seek light
That's the only wish 
AND i am clear.

She(MOM) Cried and took me in her empty arms
I felt the pain, which I buried in her eyes.
I wish i could gently swipe that tears
I hitted my hand, and it made her to tear.

Its Just the moments which I miss
To see from my eyes......i wish 
I could bring a change with a smile.

I wiped her tears and stated with smile.
Mom, I am better like this, as I could feel
the essence of my time .

Yes I am stupid
I am an Idiot.
Mom , I love this the very moment 
when you are near.

A lot of people out there can't see, I can never feel their pain, but it makes me run wild, when I close my eyes and start observing the world. 
                          All I could feel is just a black lobe surrounding me, killing the very moment of smile. 


And i feel sorry , but I still come up with just a small conclusion that I am not the one who is able to see what they are.

I bet that people who don't have eyes, sees even more then us.

Yes the can feel the emotions more gently , Yes they can feel the Essence and sweetness behind helping other. They can't see the surrounding but Yes they can feel the breezes ,hear the birds chirping, can feel the calmness and essence of Dawn & Dusk. 

And on a whole the one with EYES are never the one who always STRIVE to HELP they Just IGNORE. But the one who don't have Always have a sweet HEART. Which always want to help other , in the best way he/she can.

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© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


  1. Awsome one really touched

  2. well now m speechless....u made me think over it deeply....touched.....actually a grt appraisal fr ur wrk...


    Was waiting for your comment as well as ankita d means

    "I wrote that with my concern that" achcha lage aapko"

    After a long time i got the kinda reply, means #SPEECHLESS and#DEEPLY_TOUCHED

    i live these moments

    Thanks a lot.


Thanks for finding time to write down what you felt.