Passion an Outspread of Desire

Passion an Outspread of Desire

"Long live the thoughts when we work together for our DREAMS
 Long live our emotions where our desires were outspread by Passion INDEED"

It's been really tough for us to define and differentiate in between desire and our passion.
           Every person around the globe has something for which they dream,and wish, that "some miracle would lead them to the other side of the shore, where their thirst for the dreams will be quenched by all the tides.

Here am I just a mere dreamer of time who finally knows that his desire is just link to quench the belongingness of passion.

'Tis indeed too easy for us as 21st century human beings to learn the oxford's meaning of any word "you don't know a word , you google it!! "

But do you really think that you can't acquire the exact emotions for it?

"Dictionary Explains "Passion to be Powerful Emotion" and " Desire as a strong want "

And what i understand by this is just the practical meaning of these words.
                                                                                                    Emotionally you are still NULL.
For me as an artist I am just like a lead which enjoys the moment of romance with the breeze , and that essence of aging and finally ending up to the very same spot from where it took the lead.

That's something which my heart depicts about passion!!
"What it takes for a apple RIPE
Is the sunflower move to follow ALIKE
What is way to the human DOOM
Is the glancing trap of nigh-tangle GLOOM"

I am just an idealist who walks around leaving the footsteps behind! so that the younger one who falls can trace my steps in the very same RHYME.

"Every great DREAMS begins with a Dreamer!
You must have strength and Passion
"To bring the STARS on your SIDE"

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© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

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