28 December 2013

A reason to be me

A reason 2 be Me


An ideal thought,
Of finding new ways
Some useless steps,
To prove that worth it space.

I have My OWN reasons to be me
To get that love from the broken plee.

A selfish instinct of an empty heart,
Some sets of lies, and piled up thoughts.
All for the moment for the love from you.

I can change into person
you want!!
To be with you…….

I have my own reasons to be me,
I have some wishes entangled with a plee
……..for all what I need is some moments!!
Some moments of love

oh! please just come in my arms,
and end this wish.

With breezes soft and sound,
I can take you in my arms,
I can get wet in a drizzle….to
Just be there all around.

I am just a crusader of time,all long
who love to cherish the love…….
…….all the love of his own.!!

I call you all night to just sink in my arms,
I look on my left side, and search you around,
Yeah I have my moments of my own,
And the love which never ends.

I look at you in a picture……….
……………………And hope for a time,
without the barriers of separation and
wishes of love in all the rhyme!!

I am sorry , I have my reasons to be me,
I know that moments have now gone……,
But its just the same me

Stuck still to the date 23rd and month of May,
Who knows that years has taken a big roll from that day.

I have my own reason to be me
To let me feel a heart, true for the time
To let me feel a love, Which was always
generous for me.

To let me feel a person, who is Exactly ME!!!

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh


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