24 December 2013

Can love be more complex then ever?

Can love me more complex then ever ?

That's the trickiest question for all the time

When you know that you are on the verge
of ending up your long time relationship.

As described in all the scribbles from time
That distance is all about testing the limit
of your love.
And love is all about how much the distances
you walked together.

Rigorously analysing the situation can help you
In finding out the flaw in the relationship and
Save yourself from time.

But somethings can never be avoided described below.

(1) Determination is one of them,
When a person who feels as if he/she has to end up a relationship,
then respective act in a way like a mirror which reflects all your kind
words back to you. Being least affected of the situation and more 
concerned about what they have to do in that time.

(2) Your past mistake's
This acts as a poison for all the time when you feel like you can
save the relationship, your past mistakes always use to be the one
which acts as a safe side for the one who wants to end the R'ship
as they have some nice set of examples to pamper you all the way
and thrust you to crust. 

(3) Your attitude 
There always come some kind of situation that when one who wants
to end up a relationship talks to you, set backs your thought, and you
feel like a failure at some extent and get irritated with the facts, and jump
upto the conclusion allowing the other one to end up, just for the sake
to allow him/her to test his/her conscience.

(4) Your Love
The only and the most affecting thing is the love which you share and cherished
with him/her for long time, makes you to choose the step in which the one 
will be happy. There always come a moment when you start thinking that
we should choose and opt  that step which he/she is saying , just because you
love him/her. With the thought that if he/she will be happy in that then lets do this.

Which just push you to that extent to think that how complex Real love can be.

Means you can't even be with the situation and you can't let the situation go.
Being stuck is the fact which pushes you to the verge of being sad. 
And you are all the way emotionally bound to the past romantic extents of life.

And you always use to be stuck in the fact that "What you need to do now"

Try this 

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