26 March 2014

The tale of passionate LOVE (Revised)

The tale of passionate LOVE (Revised)

It was never just about living without you, it was just about the fear of loosing you.

I may be uncertain with the fact, many time when i woke from my dreams long while, wishing for the love which i cherished once and for all time. to be with me in the way which will sooth me with presence of you all the time.
It was obvious and nerd, situation pulling of the endless fake merge of stories around being determined for something which was neverthless the true way of expressing my love. Running from the situation of the fear at heart.
But what all things reminds you in the way when you lead alone, is the exact extent and hunger of how desperately you need someone, and the limit to which you feel sorry for the situation in which you let her to suffer, as well as you go through.
But there nothing which will hurt you more as compared to the mere, essence of her arms around you every night calling in some sweet delebrate voice, whispering in ears, that WHY honey ? why you got coward with situations.
And in the end when you start breathing heavily with the situations happening around, you just find the same wall of your room scrubbed with different fonts, but similar matter that its TOUGH to accept that you can't move on. Loving her was the thing which I felt with CORE of my heart.

So that finds obvious situational reason for me to get hitted with the possessiveness struck, but who knows that to what extent these feelings haunts you.
But when it do ? You feel the truest of your heart, and experience the genuine thirst for the person that how desperately you want someone to be there with you.

However its just your actions which acts as a defining moment for you, and so was for me even, Dreams use to be like moving apart, and nights like , it will never end.

And when things get often loosen, emotions find its way to heart in form of tears.


Most of the time ends up reading the same old romantic tales which i wrote in my relationship for her, and when words use to touch me, I feel relaxed and soothed with the part of humanity left in me, for loosing her turned my emotions to just be limited to feel her absence & my pain of not having her.
Reckless could be the very suitable word for time being, but who knows that the silver lining of tale of this love is on the side or turning back into LOVE.


Possessiveness could be defined as the obvious and most important part of a relationship.

It could have never been possible , that without this small word and feelings of being possessive, I could imagine flashes of moments and some really awful and obnoxious feelings of hurting others just for the sake that its me who is suffering.
Because the person who turned me into a nice human was somewhere in me, but that heart which could have felt her presence got cold with the feel of not having her around in real.


I could imagine the small ride,
With a cellphone and smile,
The glimpse of having you around
Again for the very first time.

I picture that very step,
which lead me at your end,
the very moment of love,
got snapped in charm in a blend.

I could snap a picture of tears,
to make you feel that it hurts,
I could make you promise
for the moments you were not
true from heart <3

I could imagine that small ride
with the hugs and kisses of all time.
I could change the very same me
which hurted you for a very long time.

I can grow in the person,
that can turn you in him...
i can be that person that 
have no one but you in him

I often feel unresisitive with the emotions in me, i often feel that the love which had blend into me is sufficient to let you feel complete, more ever i feel that this is something the emotions, the feelings which i am going through the true form of love, but, everytime when i sit by your side thinking about all the ups and downs of my life, I feel that no this is not the end to the defination of LOVE, i have just started to analyse what it is actually.

Because the way you make me feel complete around you is like, Failing the quote that you are my soul, You blend in me in the way that can never happen, and making me realise everytime that what is actually which i tried quoting in dialogues all the time.

What is SOUL ? and what is the essence of being in LOVE

Because the more often you try watching my steps around, a genuine smile urge up on my face, blushing for the moments you are around and thinking deeply with concern of taking you in arms, and kissing you lovingly for all what you have done to me.

I could really imagine the ride, of my dialogue turning into reality and SIGN BOARD hovering in my DREAMS that HONEY there is lot to come, 


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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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