01 April 2014

My Distance Relationship

My distance relationship

I feel loved already with the term relationship, whenever it use to flash in any of the conversations around, irrespective of the thought that its not always the sweet part beholding the time.
Falling in love is the most ideal situation which happens with you some or other day, provided that you have the girl who takes your mind and heart off the normal charts, and you could feel her essence around.

But What come's after that is just the main part, living in the totally new way, understanding every day with the term

What it is like to be present with someone? 

Understanding all the aspect of a relationship and learning how it has to be, to be Perfect, and that perfect also use to be something which you thought about not as per your partner's concern. So that can be vague.

While few of the relationship ends in the starting phase only with the simple outburst of Luring emotions, with the inability to hormonal interaction. Some really come with flying colours from that.
And so was with me, days finally changed, from staring all the fresh items around to thinking about just a single one. And i was quite relieved, i didn't want to spend my days watching the baseline of the girls whom i barely know. Just for the sake that I am single :P.

That is when it started "My Distance Relationship"

At the starting only she made me learn just a few simple things in some tricky ways, by breaking upon the very same day and making me think that "my all the high talks and dialogues which i used to lure her to fall into relationship got vague" ;)
The things which she made me learn was “I should never take her for granted”
And i am like, shit, its just the start.........

So, finally, My facebook status can be shifted from single -> its complicated :P. But I was happy that I fell into a relationship.

“Love is never the same, you learn every new possible definition of it, once you live it”

And that was something which I started to experience, being kiddish to the thought of the distance relationship and knowing about the fact that she is not around, there were some sets of things for which i was never worried off.
-Getting caught in college &
-I could still stare the baselines of girls, it is just that now I have someone to imagine it.
For instances life uses to run, in a new way, spending more times on calls, with the suitable instances for her, and understanding the situation of how a relationship is. Never thought about how it has to be because the experience part was marking NILL.
For parts, time use to be liking, living on cellphones or basically living in the chat messages if not in voices, But that too didn’t bring any seriousness in life, I mean I could have felt the #bollywood scenario, of the wind whirling around with her dupatta, in my daydreams of her thoughts. Which for all the time i felt like a CRAP.

But still, things have to be different it was some intuitive call from inside, to be more serious there was the need of seeing her in person and that is when things started getting better, because the seriousness shifted from baselines, and cheap thoughts of mine, to some serious aspect of living, and understanding what it is to be in relationship.

I was never in the region of guys dumping girls for no funs,I actually put my friendship on stake with her, i mean that made me in the no scenario of leaving case but still “i wasn't in that group” :P.
Overall the time there were few moments of the first date which i could never forget about, that time when i was in washroom looking at me, that whether i am looking perfect or not, that moment when i was waiting for her on my table, and that spellbound starting conversation in which I was stuck.But the most of all was the way she was blushing and smiling in front of me and i was like, aah this is the heaven.
And above all was the first kiss on her cheeks being cautious from the surrounding, eyes closed and taking the moments in hand, with a lil fear, of rejection and more cloned with love from hearts till mind.

That was the moment when things really changed, and really was not the expected part of the story #plan, it happened. Thats how people say :P.
But what lies, as the closing and end part, was that seriousness which she bestowed upon me, making me think about the starting part of what a relationship is.

It was then i felt that things which I do, was so kiddish that I could be ashamed to tell, and it was really worth hearing her with all her chappar chappar talks, which meant really something for, me, at that time, apart from she usually use to do when she was my friend.
But on that day “She was for sure different”.

I won’t quote up the ending part of the day, because I will use it some where else to, but the main part of my LOVE my distance relationship started when we shared our first date.

“Love is all about being serious and loyal to the person you are with”
Above quote was the thing which I was foretold from some of the novels which i read and which made to fantasize about my love life.
Days passed and made me learn about all the essential which i needed to have in my relationship, i finally understood what it is like to have a one around and what it is to be in love? 

Now after i was able to understand the part of a relationship, I finally found that Distance relationship is the worst of the cases around.
And I am not being judgemental in just that single meet which i quoted there were more than numerous meets in between adding too many ups and downs of the relationship talks and made me grow into the one who was not concerned about the baselines of the girls now. But was more concerned about the HER GIRL who is sitting miles apart deserves more than anything.

The relationship made me grow, and turn into a human which I think would not have been the same as i would have been alone.

And for sure i am saying this positively :P
Now it was finally the case what i understood that what it is like to say with full proud that I am in a successful distance relationship,
Where all that matters is the way we both understand each other, and the very part of the trust which we share on each other and the loyalty which we show when no one is around to watch us, because at that time we feel that he/she is seeing us from our very own Heart.
It is by now I understood that main purpose of the phone, and those freak chat message which I share with her more than the starting phase, which makes the couple look at the phone every next second, so that from somewhere that light would blink and notify the message of their partner.
And when someone asks me that why you always look at the phone every now and then, I always want to imagine my face that how it looks, when I say “She is busy in some task? and she will reach by the evening now” irrespective of what his question was, as somewhere my mind & heart used to be ideal for her all the time.
Technology have evolved more then whats needed, making us to miss the partner, even more, provided every essential detail of when there were online or when, they were last seen, upbringing a selfish urge to read a text every time when they were seen online, even if you wake up from the sleep late at night.
“It was never about distances, it was always about how we managed our time together to be there in distances”

Of all the time of what my distance relationship taught the most important was that how I needed to save that single penny which I spend on myself, just for the sake that I could gift her something worthy, something materialistic, just because that would remind her when I won’t be around maybe clothing maybe a bag or maybe something, that would just touch her the way I do, and she could feel that essence of me being around.

It taught me to be a manager who could plan a single date with all whats needed to bring her smile, and the most of all it made me memorize all her likes interest so that i never be wrong.
“Even if i was not a writer but i really tried to make her feel that i am around”
I was not there to Hug when she fell, I was not there to wipe her tears off, She was sitting in the corner of the room crying, on a text message and then on phone, and i was unable to see her in that situation and make her, smile, it was then my Distance relationship taught me that How i could make her feel by my words? By just the text being the strongest form of attachment when we were miles apart, I learned to make her feel with my words, to take her in my arms, and kiss her on her forehead, whenever she fell.
And by then I really started crying while typing such text, knowing that she is crying, for which i was never sorry. Instead, i felt it worth, that its by now, I have started to UNderstand what RELATIONSHIP is.
My text made me sit, next to her and hear all that she felt, which she rarely shared on call, and I was happy that I was able to be there with her.
“For time I was busy with my stuff, I always felt about her”

When I was unable to talk her down when I had some silly fights with her, I was glad that i could win her with some simples sets of words. And when i got busy at work, which was urgent and needed,I opened that video conversation to let her see me, and feel I am there.

Distances always count when she was not around, thoughts always endeavour the irritation of heart, but my relationship made me learn, that i could again feel the moment by just being with her when she is near, I could speak all the odds which i felt when was not near, She could fight for all the ills which i thought in that pear. And What i was like was that i felt heavenly in that moment that i have her near.
Irrespective of what she have been chattering on the odds which i have thought i was busy in feeling her presence on the same cellphone screen once and for all.
“Love was never that definition what it is now”

And once when i felt these part of my distance relationship, I felt that same Bollywood version of love, being lost in her thoughts, the way I do, being present just for her, the way she will love.

It was then the meaning of relationship shifted from what i like ? what i want? to what she likes? what she want ? and the main part what all WE CAN DO to be there together.

From all the chit chats of the friends who were in a relationship around, things always made me think about her all the time, and then slowly what i do all the time, is just take my cell phone, and drop text of Hii / I love you with the intensity of love which i feel.

And once I think of ending this story of heart i always feel like things have just started it has to be so long,
“Its not when i have understood all the dialogues of love, its not that i really mean what is YOU ARE MY SOUL”

that end of the story could never be something else, my distance relationship always reminds me of my last meet with her the way we hugged or the way she planted that forehead kissed me, the way our hand slipped while shaking and the auto took that lead, the way i was hiding my tears with the glares while bidding her buy. The way that escalator took her away from me, I could never resist that urge of jumping into the metro when metro got started, and could never ever stop thinking of her when we just did that last bye with a kiss on each other's cheeks.

My distance relationship makes the best person suited for her, and she for me.

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  1. It really a good one.. distance relationship is not a big thing uf there is a connection between two ppl :)

  2. Very , true , what counts more is that how well you are connected as well as to what level your understanding have reached with one another.

  3. simply amazing sir..... trust n understanding b/w the two can lead to a wonderful love life....then who cares its a distance relationship or a normal one... but distance one is a little bit difficult i knw.... fab work sir...(Y)

  4. thanks a lot sakshi pleasure to read your comment, and obviously once we have that bonding nurtured with trust and understanding event he toughest way of life can be dealt with much easy.

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