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Same little kid

Same little kid

I am still the same little kid who use to cry for wrong time I am the same little kid who wishes to hear some sweet words to smile.
I smiled when you called I smiled when you smiled I am the same little kid who wishes to be a grown up every night!
I do shout with anger, I punish myself at times, I am that same little kid whom you will find me in the corner of room ,Crying!
That soothing touch, That gentle care Mother you mock me with your love Every Time I am the same little kid, Whom you shaped for so long to turn into a soul worthy to smile.

I respect for all what you have shredded on me I care and I love to see smile every time I am the same little kid, who is grown up this time
Who have learned the value of your smile, and wishes to see you smile, Because that’s what makes me to smile.

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My last phone call with a compliment

Phone call

“And she said the same little stuff…..your voice really sounds good on the phone”

And this was the point when the whole conversation got shifted from the topic of objective to the topic of fun and needs.
Phone call, the modern evolution in the need of people, which gave an awesome experience of talking, I mean who cares about the technical part.
 This is the evolution which is best used by the youngster, around, I mean how much tough task they do, to plan for stalking new girl in the college, or planning to go for outing and the best of all is #relationship. Something for which you can never judge that in what way relationship can take advantage of this feature, but lets be simple, I planned my first date as well as first kiss on the phone call only, “For sure you need to build up a motivating factor before doing something.”….and I almost forgot, that was the place where she luckily complimented me for the very last time, ;) Whenever I feel like I am of no use, I just rewind …

Is this the best do?

Even if i say things are normal they are not because something is really missing when you are not around, and when you act nerd in that situation it pisses me more then anything else.

Is this the best way…….to do!

Is this the best way to tackle my bad mood
to ignore my every statement, to ignore my irritation and concentrating on your personal fun.
Is this really the time, to play kid
to play to ignorance part to handle me fit
I don’t think I am alike, feeling all the fun I don’t smile on your stupid fillers, with which you think I like some.
Maybe its time to talk or way out,
maybe the urge will prick my heart out.
Is this really the best which you think from your mind or this fun and flare is just asking you to ignore  the wishes and needs of mine.

A simple text , at different time, I really don’t feel alive
to watch those clock with the missing time, I may be selfish, or more or less at heart but is this the time , for you to start,
Is this the time, for you to turn your back on
I wish to ig…

I wish I have it simple and clear!!

(Its an Indian trend i mean howsoever , an Indian female whether there in corporate world or as a housewife always wishes that his husband come home early so that they can spend time.) 
I wish I have it simple and clear!!

You know it’s difficult to wait for you so long
you know this feeling crunch my heart.
I wish I have a simple form of love
as its really hurt to be there in love.

I wish you could understand, what I mean
It take me so long to check the doors
every night with same old plee
Honey that you will be early tonight
I wish to end up sleeping holding you tight. This form of love which you & I share
Brings me in more pain, when imagine the old glare

The moment when we both, enjoyed so long
with all the spell, together on and on
I wish ,that I don’t consider that fact
But honey you know people say
Love don’t last long!!!

I feel this crunch, this burden on my heart
I feel this fear that we won’t last
I know I have to be understanding and dear
I know I have to tackle this stupi…

My metro ride

My metro ride

Its more often the same routine every weekday, waking up at 8, trying hard to fight with the restrained effect of last night nocturnal sleep, I wonder when I will start acting like a normal person, following early to bed phenomenon. Never mind I suppose this has been way gone fact for the modern era youth. As I suppose there are really very less number of people who sleep early though.
        So fighting with the restrained effect of last night, I am here getting ready for my internship program, its a way long journey from dwarka metro station to noida sec 15 , I mean if you are a delhihite you will know what it means and if not then I guess it cost me around 1 hour and 30 minutes in total.
        Giving me more then sufficient time to complete a section of my novel which I was reading or watching some of my list of movies or animation. But the tricky part which lies there is fighting for the seat. Its no good to plan anything if you end up on your feets in the metro.…

Lost in your Thoughts

"There are few states of mind when you just can't act in the way you use to because you are all lost in your own world of thoughts, screwing some of the things which you never wished for"

Lost in some thoughts

Its hard to live up to the experiences which i endure Its hard to see the tears which i own
I may be the culprit of some of the past time
It's hard to say that I selfish,some time!

While at moments when i look her cry It's hard to feel the essence of my mind I am not cold, I am not mad
I am just lost in some of thoughts of the past time.

Sometimes I feel Numb, Sometimes I act strange
While sometimes I feel jealous, for some stupid game.

These thoughts crave the hell out of me,
I am broken, but the blame is still on me
Lost in some thoughts, I can't think straight
I need that hand to walk me on my way In search of the light which guide me at wrong times,
I need that arms to surround me all tight.

I missed, some moments which I crave for All night!
I take the blame on me, B…