22 June 2014

I wish I have it simple and clear!!

(Its an Indian trend i mean howsoever , an Indian female whether there in corporate world or as a housewife always wishes that his husband come home early so that they can spend time.) 

I wish I have it simple and clear!!

You know it’s difficult to wait for you so long
you know this feeling crunch my heart.
I wish I have a simple form of love
as its really hurt to be there in love.

I wish you could understand, what I mean
It take me so long to check the doors
every night with same old plee

Honey that you will be early tonight
I wish to end up sleeping holding you tight.
This form of love which you & I share
Brings me in more pain, when imagine the old glare

The moment when we both, enjoyed so long
with all the spell, together on and on
I wish ,that I don’t consider that fact
But honey you know people say
Love don’t last long!!!

I feel this crunch, this burden on my heart
I feel this fear that we won’t last
I know I have to be understanding and dear
I know I have to tackle this stupid glear

But baby can’t you take one day off
Can’t it be the same us from 5 years back
Is marriage a pain, or society is not clear
This heart is binding me to a very wrong gear
I wish to be there in just simple world,
I wish to have just my simple love

To hold you tight and take you in arms every night
I wish that my innocence don’t bring a fight.
I love you a lot, a lot to be said
I am worried to wait for this time as I said.

I wish that I won’t behave in this way
but honey, this frustration is scratching my pain,
Missing you is eternal, loving you is also the same
I wish that I have my love simple and clear
I just wish to last long as you only dear.

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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