23 June 2014

Is this the best way......to do?

Even if i say things are normal they are not because something is really missing when you are not around, and when you act nerd in that situation it pisses me more then anything else.

Is this the best way…….to do!

Is this the best way to tackle my bad mood

to ignore my every statement, to ignore my irritation
and concentrating on your personal fun.

Is this really the time, to play kid

to play to ignorance part to handle me fit

I don’t think I am alike, feeling all the fun
I don’t smile on your stupid fillers,
with which you think I like some.

Maybe its time to talk or way out,

maybe the urge will prick my heart out.

Is this really the best which you think from your mind
or this fun and flare is just asking you to ignore 
the wishes and needs of mine.

A simple text , at different time, I really don’t feel alive

to watch those clock with the missing time,
I may be selfish, or more or less at heart
but is this the time , for you to start,

Is this the time, for you to turn your back on

I wish to ignore you all the time,

I wish to turn off my cell phone with the anger of mine
it may be off use when I have something to do
but this feelings don’t allow me too

Is this really the best way, to tackle my mood

to ignore me in the end, to enjoy your mood.

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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