19 June 2014

Lost in your Thoughts

"There are few states of mind when you just can't act in the way you use to because you are all lost in your own world of thoughts, screwing some of the things which you never wished for"

Lost in some thoughts

Its hard to live up to the experiences which i endure
Its hard to see the tears which i own
I may be the culprit of some of the past time
It's hard to say that I selfish,some time!

While at moments when i look her cry
It's hard to feel the essence of my mind
I am not cold, I am not mad
I am just lost in some of thoughts of the past time.

Sometimes I feel Numb, Sometimes I act strange
While sometimes I feel jealous, for some stupid game.

These thoughts crave the hell out of me,
I am broken, but the blame is still on me
Lost in some thoughts, I can't think straight

I need that hand to walk me on my way
In search of the light which guide me at wrong times,
I need that arms to surround me all tight.

I missed, some moments which I crave for All night!
I take the blame on me, But I want you by my side,

Its not the end for me, Its just the starting of my love
I have the faith on my thoughts, that I won't screw up.

I still feel your hands, slipping off from my palm
I still feel your voice, asking me to move on,
I can't take those thoughts off,
which are running through my mind.

Its hard to feel the same love of time,
as memories are fading with the guilt of mine.
I stand still in crowd to get lost in the mob,
I...walk in the rain, to just think that i am not crying.

Its still hard to accept that...i was somewhere with a smile
I find difficult to ask, that can you be again MINE?

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© 2014, copyright Sankalp Singh


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