21 June 2014

My metro ride

My metro ride

Its more often the same routine every weekday, waking up at 8, trying hard to fight with the restrained effect of last night nocturnal sleep, I wonder when I will start acting like a normal person, following early to bed phenomenon. Never mind I suppose this has been way gone fact for the modern era youth. As I suppose there are really very less number of people who sleep early though.
        So fighting with the restrained effect of last night, I am here getting ready for my internship program, its a way long journey from dwarka metro station to noida sec 15 , I mean if you are a delhihite you will know what it means and if not then I guess it cost me around 1 hour and 30 minutes in total.
        Giving me more then sufficient time to complete a section of my novel which I was reading or watching some of my list of movies or animation. But the tricky part which lies there is fighting for the seat. Its no good to plan anything if you end up on your feets in the metro. And usually I do get one, as it use to be the starting point for metro, even though it use to be the office hours.
        But that’s what I like about it, I mean boarding a metro In the office hours is way more fun allowing you to meet and see different types of people who exist in our society, and I am serious about it you can try it on your own.
        It was just within seconds when I checked in the boarding point I rushed towards the escalators, skipping the steps to be quick on it, while it is always fun to notice some, who just hesitate to take a step on it and likewise are fascinated to try it. I should not make fun, but I like to watch people getting use to with the technological advancement which we exhibit when I think positively.
        2 minutes to go for the metro to arrive,    the speaker buzzed with a male and a female voice, and that’s something I am use to of it for every morning. But just with the useful info only, as to the voice which I hear inside metro usually pisses me off, certainly in a way that if I would know who he is, I will for sure ask his/her children that “how they feel about there parents”

The moment I enter in the metro I search for the corner seat not because I like to sit  at that end but just because I want to avoid that kind of person coming up who just ask out of nowhere, “that sir, can you please sit aside and allow me to sit” even though there don’t use to be any room” . And I must say that the way they ask is not at all similar to this one I #wrote.
Ah and I missed that is certainly not the seat which is marked with few of the deadliest tag for the youngster like us and for a male its even worst
1-For ladies only
2-For senior citizen
3-For someone who need it more, again with the slip of senior citizen/pregnant lady tag.

I usually avoid these seat, either ways I don’t sit literally when I get a one too, as I often feel bad when some one come and ask me to stand up.
While it’s not even fun to watch some  lady, Fighting around with the male sitting on the reserved seat for lady, as though they get stubborn to raise, and start fighting that why the seats are reserved for them even though they have whole compartment around . (Ohh and here I almost forgot to tell an important announcement , I will quote it in the way as it use to be “the compartment in the moving direction of the metro is reserved for ladies, boarding that compartment is an punishable offence”).
I usually end up dropping in between that situation and ask patiently with the guy or sir to kindly go with the rules, I mean atleast someone has to raise the voice to avoid this mishappening.
And suddenly I hear an old creaky voice “These fool kids of today, they just plug in the headphone and keep on doing stupidity”, I didn’t even have to move to decrypt it, it was the same bunch of old people bragging way long about the young generation to pass time during metro, Its often fun to hear their conversation, with their logic coming straight forward, and I do it pretending that I am tuning into music while the songs remain at pause.
        But still above all it always bugs me the same sound of information which gets aired “the doors will open on the left/right” whatever.

While looking to the crowd inside the metro its often filled with life, I mean people really pastime in the way their nature is….and that’s true that its easy to observe then and identify that which kind of being they are , you need not to be Sherlock holmes for this.
It was yesterday only when I saw an interesting pair of mom and son, who was busy commenting about the crowd in the silly way by whispering into each other ears and smiling like nothing.
And a day before I overheard two girl trying to talk about the fashion sense of all the ladies who were there in the compartment, its fun either ways #devil me inside, but it was more fun when they actually shifted in commenting from ladies to male figures around, with the rating action. I mean this was something way more common when guys do, but when it was actually going on from girls side, I was actually enjoying it. (Same headphone trick with no sound track around) ;) .
Oh and I can’t miss that crowd of girl who are so into themselves that they are always busy in talking about the new cosmetics in the market, or to the nail art which they tried last day. Sale in the malls are also one part of there talk most of time. And when it comes to me I really feel sick about shopping as I feel like it never ends for a girl.
Well talking about Delhi you sure can’t miss the bunch of travelers from abroad watching confusingly the display tabs that where the metro is leading. These are some of the important parts of the metro crowd I suppose.
While recently another things which sicks me out is the game #candy crush, if you like it then its good , and if you don’t then the same sounds bugs your ear like poison, I kind of liked it at first but the sooner I got request out of nothing on facebook I started generating a feeling of hatred for it. And that something which is so common inside metro, while most of the people who don’t listen to music and are not interested in enjoying observing around they end up in their own world on candies.
                        “A loud creak of smile, and we actually boarded it” I heard these couple of words, and then figured it out that if you missed the love birds from the metro part, then I am sure I will end up being tagged as jerk. Because the most exciting of all is watching them search the corner areas of gates or the central joint of the two compartments, living away from the crowd and actually spending time to the fullest with their partner.
A hand on the shoulder or arms around, holding into conversation and acting like they are totally in an isolated world that’s something which are an interesting part of the metro, and if you are lucky enough you can actually spot some of couple doing wild things inside the metro, I am sure they thinks no is one is watching but, come on you can’t be that stupid. Because if you are carried out by harmones then I am sure the other one is too. ;)
There are few corporate couples or wannabe couples too, I mean there are some sort of category for them, I can’t skip as they usually be busy with their office chat, or the guy usually be busy trying to hit on girl while the girl use to be smart enough to tag him along like nothing, and vice versa.
And from no where breaking the chill of their romance there comes the sound of few children who are actually trying to have some sort of fun in the metro as if that’s their joyride. “I wonder if it was there at my time of childhood I would have also enjoyed it in the same way”.
But I like the most interesting part when a mother try to make his/her new born child/kid to stop crying, in the bunch of crowd. I mean there I observe I series of emotions overall and the different behavior even while some of the mother really love to handle the situation there are even few who end up hitting a tight slap to the one, and the child for sure end up crying even more.
“But but but, there comes a wicked smile from the person who just sat on the left out seat, “and the story use to be the same one “two people, one seat” the one who gets is the winner.
I Don’t know how long will they take to atleast grow like a human, but for sure you can’t overlook that the society is really growing to an extent, because I really witnessed a pair of gay couples trying to ease up in the corner of the compartment ,I mean I had to watch them but unluckily I was standing next to them, and ultimately I was so irritated that I left that place and walked out. “Being straight is really good, overall” and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
Metro, is a place where you find all , class of people sitting next to each other, I am sure there are some who avoid sitting next to the ugly face but still lets overlook it, That’s where we actually agree with the point “Unity in diversity”
Where its fun for each and everyone to that group of school student who talk about classroom stuff, or girls or the new game in the market, or to the one who had loaded 3.55mm jack gun in their ears shooting hard with loud streak of music. Its fun to see people reading there last work, I mean how can they concentrate ,#novel goes fine either ways but I am talking about real studies.

I suppose I am not a bookish type overall…….But its always fun ending up with experiencing new kind of people around.
Next station is Noida sec15.
Ohh that’s my destination, I guess I would be going andthis is my experience regarding metro overall. I hope you would have experienced this on all and even more though.

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