25 June 2014

My last phone call with a compliment

Phone call

“And she said the same little stuff…..your voice really sounds good on the phone”

And this was the point when the whole conversation got shifted from the topic of objective to the topic of fun and needs.
Phone call, the modern evolution in the need of people, which gave an awesome experience of talking, I mean who cares about the technical part.
 This is the evolution which is best used by the youngster, around, I mean how much tough task they do, to plan for stalking new girl in the college, or planning to go for outing and the best of all is #relationship. Something for which you can never judge that in what way relationship can take advantage of this feature, but lets be simple, I planned my first date as well as first kiss on the phone call only, “For sure you need to build up a motivating factor before doing something.”….and I almost forgot, that was the place where she luckily complimented me for the very last time, ;)
Whenever I feel like I am of no use, I just rewind myself to the old time, more clearly to that very last time
#Played  “Your voice sounds good on the phone” , and the very moment when I start smiling , somethings contradict the moment,
#She “Don’t forget to give me the call at 11” and currently clock is ticking to 12 ;) Pheww, have to suffer with the worst part “Called, and the very moment heard that sweet little voice carved with blend of emotions, I mean do you really think that a girl can affect you even in bad mood”….a girl like her can never “As the very moment when start shouting on you I feel like she is loving me even more” and that’s something which keeps me motivated to the other mistake around.

“Someone said that fight is actually necessary in relationship it builds understanding, for me actually it build LOVE”
I mean I can be this much positive, because once you have already been scolded ,the temperature will for sure cool down, and I really can say foolish are those who fight on a phone call.
And I guess I have lost my track, “for sure girls make you go the other way , they have some kind of constraints :P”
It didn’t even required me more then second to speak up my heart “I mean I was literally feeling that to speak “but you know the general Indian thinking” what she might think?
But I guess when things have to happen they really do, “She was having sweet little voice, and when I say sweet I don’t know why I start imagining #LOLA from loony toones ;).

And the moment when I stated that, I guess the curtains which were holding my horses was finally set to release and that was the time when I finally felt like its me who is interacting, or I guess I finally rejoiced that I spoke.
“Phone calls are best medium to speak something which you actually can’t speak infront”
Atleast I guess this is something which allows a person having speech impairment (#stammering) problem to propose. ;) “

And when you have a sweet voice calling from the other side, its like drug for which you get addicted. 

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